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Discovery Route in 21 Stages of La Châtre

Discovery Route in 21 Stages of La Châtre

Credit : OTLC VD

A former Gallic or Roman camp (castra), and then probably the site of a feudal castle; the origins of the town are still much debated.
By the 11th century the Lord of La Châtre is finally identified: Ebbes VI, youngest son of Raoul de Déols, Lord of Châteauroux. Cistercian monks settle along the river Indre and initiate economic development with the construction of mills. 13th to 15th century: the town becomes the property of the Chauvigny family who, in c.1424, have a seignorial castle built within the stout walls of the town. Only the keep remains today.
The Charter of 1463 gives more freedom to the burghers. In the 15th century, at the end of the Hundred Years War, the town develops significantly.
Situated between the estates of the King of France and former English provinces, it becomes a centre trade, facilitated by the presence of the court at Bourges. Beautiful mansions are built.
Early 18th century: at the boundary of low and hugh salt tax zones, La Châtre becomes a garrison town and magistrates build private residences.
1788: the Council decides to tear down the remaining gates of the town, whose walls were already three quarters demolished.
19th century: prominent leather industry. Located in a cattle-breeding region watered by the river Indre, the town, by the Middle Ages, already possessed numerous tanneries, and a district is still so named today. Marked by the presence of George Sand the novelist, who used to come to La Châtre to meet her friends, even if she confessed to deploring the conformance of the town. In the sixties, La Châtre is transformed, as complete suburbs are established around the od town. Today, La Châtre is a dynamic sous-préfecture with more than 4700 inhabitants.

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Starting point

36400 La Châtre
Lat : 46.58118Lng : 1.98636
1 year
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De Villaines Mansion

This town house was built by Bargat at the end of the 18th century...Read more

136 Rue nationale 36400 La Châtre
Lat : 46.581135Lng : 1.98646
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Statue of George Sand

In 1877, in homage to George Sand (1804-1876), the Town Council decided...Read more

2 Avenue George Sand 36400 La Châtre
Lat : 46.581264Lng : 1.985242
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Town Hall - Carmes* convent

In 1838 the Town Hall was etablished in the choir of the Carmes Convent,...Read more

20 Rue Spilimbergo 36400 La Châtre
Lat : 46.581758Lng : 1.986262
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Maurice Sand Théâtre

In 1798, outbuildings of the Carmes Convent were converted into an...Read more

20 Rue Spilimbergo 36400 La Châtre
Lat : 46.581858Lng : 1.986444
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La Maison du Chevalier d'Ars

This tall house, embellished with stone moulded windows, was the property...Read more

10 Rue d'Olmor 36400 La Châtre
Lat : 46.582105Lng : 1.986803
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The Timbered House Place Laisnel de La Salle

Formerly called Place du Pavé, this old small square is named...Read more

2 Place Laisnel de la Salle 36400 La Châtre
Lat : 46.581924Lng : 1.98741
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Saint-Germain Church

The present church is located on an historic site in the heart of...Read more

2 Rue Fort Lévêque 36400 La Châtre
Lat : 46.581257Lng : 1.987946
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Place of the medieval cemetery

Parvis St Germain street.

Lat : 46.581429Lng : 1.988762
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N°9 Bellefond's street.

Henri de Latouche, journalist, legal reporter, poet, author and founder...Read more

7 Rue de Bellefond 36400 La Châtre
Lat : 46.581596Lng : 1.989073
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Pavillon's street

George Sand found refuge in this house during the separation from...Read more

1 Rue Saint-Pierre 36400 La Châtre
Lat : 46.581507Lng : 1.990092
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The Chauvigny Keep

Here stood the castle built in c.1424, residence of the Chauvigny...Read more

64 Rue Venose 36400 La Châtre
Lat : 46.581983Lng : 1.98999
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The Bridge of Cabignat

The bridge takes its distorted name from the Escabignat family, rich...Read more

9 Rue du Maquis 36400 La Châtre
Lat : 46.583491Lng : 1.990907
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Former abattoirs

14 Rue du Maquis 36400 La Châtre
Lat : 46.583163Lng : 1.992678
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The Sainte-Radegonde fountain

Long ago, the Grand'Font was delicated to Our Lady but popular belief...Read more

2 Rue de la Fontaine 36400 La Châtre
Lat : 46.582153Lng : 1.990591
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Former tannery's quarter

This picturesque quarter is the oldest working district in the town....Read more

1 Rue du Pont aux Laies 36400 La Châtre
Lat : 46.58067Lng : 1.990634
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Pont aux Laies

This medieval bridge with two arches is a listed building located...Read more

33 Rue du Pont aux Laies 36400 La Châtre
Lat : 46.57962Lng : 1.991567
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House of Ajasson de Grandsagne family

This old residence was occupied at the beginning of the 19th century...Read more

4 Rue du 4 Septembre 36400 La Châtre
Lat : 46.579926Lng : 1.990698
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Place de l'Abbaye

This pretty square owes its name to a plot of land which used to belong...Read more

8 Place de l'Abbaye 36400 La Châtre
Lat : 46.579446Lng : 1.99036
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Place Notre-Dame

In olden times, on their way to Santiago de Compostela, numerous pilgrims...Read more

4 Place Notre Dame 36400 La Châtre
Lat : 46.579262Lng : 1.988289
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N°19 Place du Docteur Vergne

This square is named after Dr.Vergne, renowned for his cataract operations....Read more

5 Place du Docteur Vergne 36400 La Châtre
Lat : 46.580313Lng : 1.988424
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Law Courts – Place de la République

During the 14th century plague, this square was used as a burial ground....Read more

1 Place de la République 36400 La Châtre
Lat : 46.57959Lng : 1.986487
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The market square

From the 15th century this was the main square of the town, and some...Read more

1 Place du Marché 36400 La Châtre
Lat : 46.580803Lng : 1.986943