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Brest, Finistère, Bretagne

Welcome to Brest, the jewel of Finistère in Brittany! Nestled between land and sea, Brest is a vibrant port city that marries history with modernity. Discover its rich nautical heritage by visiting the National Navy Museum housed in the magnificent Château de Brest. The Brest harbor, one of the most beautiful in Europe, offers stunning views and endless boating possibilities. For science enthusias...See more

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Saint-Jacut's Abbey
171 km

Saint-Jacut's Abbey

After the Plage des Haas, the costal path follows the abbey’s park. A gate allows you to access this private property and discover its remarkable edifice. History and legend tell us that in the 5th century, two twin monks, Jacut and Guéthenoc, arrived on this peninsula called « Landoac » looking for a fitting place to create a hermitage. A Benedictine monastery was established there and had a great influence on the region’s development and evolution until the French Revolution. Sold as Bien National (National Good), sold again many times, the abbey knows many vicissitudes and different uses (Border guard caserns, home to a wealthy foreign family...). In 1875, the monastery’s ruins are bought by the Congrégation des Sœur de l’Immaculée: a religious order from St-Méen-le-Grand (Ille-et-Vilaine), they’ll turn it into a nursing home for the nuns and a free school for the children of the area. The restoration starts right away. To finance the school, the nuns host, firstly the British tourists who came, under doctor’s orders, to take sea water and hot algae baths. They stream in right from 1876. That’s the start of the “guesthouse”. Along the years, the summer holiday goers keep growing in numbers; the nuns develop the hotel capacities of the Abbey and diversify the activities and the hosting: the Abbey is now a guesthouse and a high place of cultural and spiritual encounters. Please respect the environment and the quietness of the residents.

31-43 Rue des Haas 22750 Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer
We have no information on the difficulty of this circuit. You may encounter some surprises along the way. Before you go, please feel free to inquire more and take all necessary precautions. Have a good trip! 🌳🥾