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Cirkwi’s customer use cases

How does Cirkwi manage to satisfy the customers of its customers and what are the returns on investment ? 😎

Our partnership with hotel associations

When entering the US market, Cikrwi partnered with two hotel associations.

The first is the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association (FRLA) with whom Cirkwi has become an allied member. 

The second is the Hotel Association of New York City (HANYC) with whom Cirkwi has developed a real partnership and a relationship of trust, the association is now also a customer of Cirkwi and uses our tool on their website. 

This allied membership and this partnership allow concretely to be effective from the arrival on the American market and to be known by the world of the hotel industry as Cirkwi is already in Europe.

What are hotel associations for ?

Serving the hotel industry, the associations help support hotel members with the highest level of service and the best resources available. The associations also help advocate for its members in various legislative areas, while setting standards in training, best practices and cooperative initiatives with a number of key players in their respective cities. The associations also allow all companies serving the hotel industry through memberships, such as Cirkwi, to stand out, assert their position and have access to certain privileges.

For example, today, the Hotel Association of New York City (HANYC) is the oldest hotel association in the United States and one of the oldest trade associations in the country. It is also an internationally recognized leader in New York City’s $5 billion tourism industry. 

As for the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association (FRLA), it has the same functions in Florida and is the leading non-profit trade association for the Florida hospitality industry.

What did it bring to Cirkwi?

Cirkwi has several benefits from these collaborations including the fact that the New York City Hotel Association has become a customer and now uses our tool on their reservation site for each of their hotel members. Visit their page to discover our interactive widget on each hotel.

This allows Cirkwi to be known by the hotel world in New York City and to effectively enter the market while being recommended as the digital concierge service by excellence.

The case of the DoubleTree by Hilton Montreal Airport

The DoubleTree by Hilton Montreal Airport uses our tool exclusively directly on site with QR codes to make it accessible to their customers at any moment during their stay.  You can also find it embed bellow:

Having a QR code directly on site at the hotel allows us to give quick and easy access to our tool to Hilton guests. Whether it is at the reception, in the rooms or anywhere else, Hilton guests have access in real time to all the practical information and tourist activities around the hotel. 

Our statistics show that our tool is on average scanned and used by 240 customers each month.

The case of the Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile 

The Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile is one of our customers that uses our tool exclusively on their website that you can also find embed below:  

This allows them to concretely give access to their customer in real time on their website to all the tourist information carefully chosen and personalized for their customer with an interactive map. These data are chosen by the hotelier himself. They are not automatic recommendations, they are personalized and relevant to the customers. When a potential client visits the Sofitel Montreal website, they will have direct access to all the information they need for their stay and all the features they will consider a pleasant surprise once they arrive at the hotel.

Here is a testimony from the Marketing and communication manager of Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile:

Our customers appreciate your suggestions: in fact, 69% of visitors consult the widget once on your page. The number of slides seen and clicks compared to the number of users who have clicked on the widget is very positive, once they have seen it, they don’t let it go!

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