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Becoming a leader in the hotel industry thanks to customer satisfaction

Why and how is Cirkwi a player in customer satisfaction?

Focus on the satisfaction of your customers

Poor customer satisfaction has been one of the major challenges for the hotel industry in the past and will be again in 2023.

It is set to intensify with increasing competition and better customer management tools.

Customer satisfaction and customer experience are at the heart of all debates, but do you really know how a customer leaves satisfied with his stay?

In this article you will see that customer satisfaction depends on his experience in the hotel but also on all the experiences the customer has during his stay but also the psychology of the consumer, who is influenced by the whole environment of your hotel.

Indeed, satisfaction reflects the margin between what your customer expected from you and what he actually got. However, customer satisfaction is measured by how well the customer’s expectations are met and therefore by how well the customer’s experience was (also called “perceived quality”). This is why we can always improve the customer’s experience in order to get as close as possible to their expectations and even exceed them.

Thus, we can note that when the customer’s experience is lower than his expectation, he cannot be satisfied (entirely) with your offers. On the contrary, the customer’s experience can be equal or superior to his expectations, which allows him to have a neutral or strong level of satisfaction. Knowing that the higher the quality perceived by the customer compared to the quality they expected, the higher their satisfaction (known as the wow effect).

The relationship between perceived quality and expected quality :


Perceived quality < expected quality

If customer expectations are not met, dissatisfaction results and is referred to as negative “disconfirmation”.

Perceived quality = expected quality

In the case of a match between the two, when the customer’s expectations exactly match the product’s condition (performance). This results in customer satisfaction.

Perceived quality > expected quality

If the hotel’s performance exceeds the customer’s expectations. This is known as a positive “disconfirmation”, a strong customer satisfaction.

What are your customers really looking for?

What your customers are looking for is above all an authentic, personalized and pleasant experience. Travelers are increasingly looking for ultra-personalized experiences, so you need to develop your “direct-to-consumer” approach.

Most hotels don’t have any guidance on the travel experience of their guests, but this is a mistake. It would make the difference with your competitors and your customers would feel more engaged.

On one hand, you can communicate relevant information to your customers in order to optimize their stay (suggestions for restaurants or other activities…). On the other hand, you can collect data that will help you personalize their experience. Moreover, by collecting this data before arrival, you make the experience more pleasant by reducing the time spent waiting at check-in and cost effective for the receptionist too.

Digitalization of the market 

To become a leader in customer satisfaction in the hotel industry, the deployment of third-party solutions is a very good solution, especially via digital tools. The hospitality industry being part of the minority that doesn’t know how to take advantage of technology has to change that to satisfy their customers and have a more consistent return on investment. 

In fact, nowadays, the hotels that do not follow in the digitalization of the market remain behind the leaders who take 72% of market share.

It is therefore imperative for all hotels to get up to date with current trends and start looking at innovative solutions that accompany the customer.

With more technological advances, barriers to entry are being lowered and new, more successful competitors are emerging in the industry. In fact, there are other sectors that are far more capable than the hotel industry when it comes to adapting to advanced technology. According to the latest trends in the hotel industry, technology will be the key to gaining a competitive advantage. 

The technology is no longer reserved to the big players in the industry, but it is accessible to all those who know how to use it to their advantage. Some of them know how to do it very well, such as boutique hotels that have managed to make the most of technology. 

As technology continues to impact daily human operations, hotels have been forced to reevaluate their marketing efforts in order to conquer the ever-growing online market.

Keep control

With the rise of digital, it is difficult to keep control of your e-reputation, so it is essential to use tools to differentiate yourself from the competition and ensure a stay that is out of the ordinary.

It is therefore imperative that hotels take control of satisfaction. In particular, through our personalized stay digital features to offer to your customers. This way, your customers feel understood and accompanied, it is easier to improve satisfaction.

It is particularly interesting to integrate this tool in your organization’s system to overcome the problem of recruitment and qualified personnel. If your reception staff does not know the area or does not know good locations, you have no chance of getting your customer to the right place. A digital assistance tool therefore provides a real solution with a constant quality level.

Customer satisfaction across the destination

Destination marketing

Destination marketing is a form of marketing in which a destination is promoted to potential visitors in order to increase the number of people who travel to that location, and therefore to your hotel.

Almost every destination has unique attractions, natural features, places of interest or cultural aspects that will appeal to visitors. The destination marketing strategies listed can all be used to highlight these qualities, so that potential visitors are more likely to visit your hotel and spend money, thus boosting the local tourism industry. 

We saw earlier in the article that what your customers are looking for are personalized and authentic experiences, that’s all the interest to present to them your recommendations in terms of places and activities to discover to accompany them. 

You can let your customers search on Google and do their own thing, or you can accompany them and offer them your selection of places and activities that you know and that you personally recommend. 

You can save time and promote the destination through digital travel guides to make available to your customers, and this, throughout the stay through what is called POI (Points of Interests) at Cirkwi and significantly increase your NPS score by 20% (Cirkwi study). 

Your customers will not miss your personalized recommendations throughout their stay and will therefore be more satisfied by your welcome and their experience.

Optimize customer satisfaction at every stage of the stay

Customer satisfaction is no longer a matter of asking your receptionists to verbally survey customers during check-out to find out if everything went well. Even if the approach is courteous and appreciated by the customer, it does not add value to your establishment. Therefore, it is well beforehand that everything must be done to ensure good customer satisfaction at every stage of the stay.

 A good satisfaction has to be earned. This starts before the arrival of the customer. Indeed, you have the opportunity to prepare his arrival and his stay in the best way. To do this, you must take an interest in your customers.

Indeed, we know from a Google study that 86% of the criteria travelers use to choose a hotel is the destination around the hotel.

During the stay of your customer you also have the possibility to accompany him in his travels. When the stay is over, it is not over for you. The satisfaction of your customers will then be perceived after their stay via the reviews left and the satisfaction can even continue after this stay if you put at their disposal our digital travel guides.

Cirkwi meet the need of having a good customer satisfaction

What is Cirkwi in concrete terms? 

Designed by the company Cirkwi, we offer a digital concierge services specifically designed to meet the needs of hoteliers in terms of customer satisfaction and engagement. These digital travel guides promote the hotelier’s favorite places and activities around his accommodation. No more flyers, no more paperwork, digital travel guides now gather every information in one place that your customers can find everywhere.

How to use it?

Theses guides can be deployed in the hotel ecosystem in several ways: 

  • At the reception, in the rooms, on the cards,… in the form of QR code 

    • Let your customers scan it and make the waiting time at the reception desk go by faster.

  • On the hotel’s website 

    • Improve your referencing and your direct booking rate.

  • On any digital equipment (Room TV, IPads, Kiosks,…)

    • Let your customers access your guides through your electronic equipment and display it to a maximum of people. 

  • In the confirmation email to prepare the stay of the visitors

    • Accompany your guests on their journey even before they arrive at the hotel.

Here are some exemples for using Cirkwi throughout the customer’s stay and much more:


  • In the confirmation email
  • On your website 
  • On smartphones or IPads

During the stay (available to your customers on their smartphone while on the move): 

As a QR code: 

  • At the reception desk 
  • In the rooms 
  • On cards and badges
  • On the tables in the restaurant,…

On your electronic equipment:

  • Ipads 
  • Kiosks
  • TV room,…


  • Still available In the confirmation email
  • On your website 
  • On smartphones or IPads

How does Cirkwi help with customer satisfaction?

We have seen throughout the article that Cirkwi perfectly meets a need still underestimated by hoteliers. 

Storyguide allows you to offer an innovative, digital and ultra-personalized experience to your customers. 

It allows you to indirectly take back control of your e-reputation and to be in line with the digital trends of the market in order to face the tough competition. 

Storyguide is an integral part of a destination marketing strategy that will also serve to increase the engagement rate of customers who will love your hotel brand and will not hesitate to come back to experience an even more personalized stay. 

In addition to the “on-site” aspect, an official website is also an integral part of a marketing strategy. And this is even more true for a hotel that can present all the assets of its establishment. In addition, the website is the only online channel for direct information and therefore personalized recommendations. 

Finally, for you and your customers, everything is easier, more fun and everyone saves time and is satisfied! 

A customer use case

Here is the case of an American hotel chain with 595 rooms. The need of this establishment is that it wishes to improve the experience of its customers by providing them with tourist content. That’s why the hotel’s general manager decided to implement Cirkwi accessible from QR-Codes that he placed on the key chains of her rooms.

Recently, the general manager described his experience with Storyguide and testified that the QR-Codes they implemented generated more clicks than he expected. In addition, her clients have repeatedly reported the effectiveness of the QR-Codes and have provided very positive feedback on their content!

This allowed the general manager of this 595-room hotel to enhance the experience of his customers and increase their satisfaction!

Testimony of the general manager of an American hotel chain with 595 rooms:

“Cirkwi brought a plug-and-play solution in minutes to what matters most to our millions of customers and allowed them to instantly leverage their destination. Cost 0 time and effort.”

Finally, as we have seen throughout this article, customer satisfaction is a key to your hotel’s success, so now that you know that and have the solution, our team would be happy to tell you more about Cirkwi.

Contact us now and take your hotel to the next level!

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