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Uncover nature and heritage at LE SOLEILLANT, Verrieres-en-forez

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Welcome to Verrieres-en-forez, a hidden gem in the Loire region of Rhône-Alpes, where LE SOLEILLANT invites you to explore a world of unexpected discoveries. Delve into nature with unforgettable hikes along the Forez trails. Embark on expeditions through lush forests and take in stunning views from the nearby mountain peaks.

For history and heritage enthusiasts, the area is rich in historical sit...
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What to do in LE SOLEILLANT

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Discover surprising activities in LE SOLEILLANT and book the ones you like.

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Explore the cultural heritage of LE SOLEILLANT.

Where to eat in LE SOLEILLANT

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The dining spots in LE SOLEILLANT have surprises in store.

Where to sleep in LE SOLEILLANT

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Stay in unique accommodations in LE SOLEILLANT.
We have no information on the difficulty of this circuit. You may encounter some surprises along the way. Before you go, please feel free to inquire more and take all necessary precautions. Have a good trip! 🌳🥾