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Welcome to Francueil, located in the Indre-et-Loire department, at the heart of the beautiful Centre region. SCARRATT JOHN serves as your perfect base to discover the local marvels. Nearby, the magnificent Château de Chenonceau, with its Renaissance architecture and perfectly manicured gardens, offers a memorable visit.

Nature enthusiasts can enjoy wonderful walks along the Cher River, whether on...
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Chenonceau Castle Priority Entrance
1.6 km

Chenonceau Castle Priority Entrance

ArrayYour Experience Visit Château Chenonceau, an elegant white castle built on the piers of an old mill in the famous Loire Valley region. Chenonceau is a stunning representation of late Gothic and early Renaissance architecture, featuring a long gallery bridge that spans over the Cher river. Skip the long ticket lines and gain direct entry to the castle with your priority entry tickets. Explore Chenonceau at your own leisure, or opt for an audio guide to listen to as you wander through the castle. Also known as the “Ladies’ Château” because of the notorious women who built, decorated, restored and maintained it throughout the centuries, Chenonceau boasts a fascinating royal history that dates back to the 13th century. Feel like true royalty as you stroll through the castles’ rooms, which are lavishly decorated with exquisite tapestries, paintings and furniture. See the guard’s room, where men-at-arms were constantly on duty to protect the royal family, the Chapel with its stunning stained glass windows, and the royal bedrooms, study, library, and kitchens. Stroll through the gallery, a magnificent ballroom with 18 floor-to-ceiling windows and a slate-tile floor. Round off your visit with a walk through the extensive royal gardens alongside the Cher river, featuring a maze, a 16th century farm, a carriage gallery, and a vegetable and flower garden. With its elegant gallery bridge, Renaissance architecture, lavishly decorated interior and extensive gardens, a visit to Château Chenonceau offers an unforgettable glimpse into the luxurious lives of the French royals.

Château de Chenonceau 37150 Chenonceaux
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Royal Castle of Amboise Priority Entrance
12 km

Royal Castle of Amboise Priority Entrance

ArrayYour Experience Step into the world of royalty by visiting the Royal Castle of Amboise, a stunning castle on the banks of the Loire river. The architecture of this picturesque castle, a classic representation of late Gothic and early Renaissance architecture, will leave you in awe. With your priority access, you can skip the long ticket lines and gain direct entry to the castle, where the lifestyles and secrets of the French court will be revealed to you. Learn about the kings who reigned from the castle at the dawn of the Renaissance, as well as the other members of the French court and artists who were invited to stay in the medieval fortress. See first-hand how extravagant their lives were by admiring the extensive collection of Gothic and Renaissance furniture within the castle. One of the most notable guests at the Amboise Castle was Leonardo da Vinci, who you can pay respects to in the castle’s chapel, where he lies to rest. Thanks to the latest innovations in the field of augmented reality, the HistoPad© offers you the opportunity to rediscover, in situ, spaces that have now disappeared and to immerse yourself in historical atmospheres: royal audiences and banquets, the seat of the ramparts and battle, construction sites, diving into the jails...the journey is open to all! End your visit with a walk in the sublime gardens, classified as "Remarkable Gardens" in 2017, overlooking the Loire, a river classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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