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Ghyvelde, Nord, Nord-Pas-de-Calais

Welcome to Ghyvelde, a charming village located in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, near the Belgian and French borders. This haven of tranquility combines the richness of its natural and cultural heritage with the warmth of its hospitality. Stroll through the vast expanses of the Dunes of Flanders, an exceptional nature reserve, or the Forts’ wood for an unforgettable adventure. Discover the Saint-...See more

What to do in Ghyvelde

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Bruges Private Walking Tour + Canal Cruise + Visit to a Belgian Brewery
51 km

Bruges Private Walking Tour + Canal Cruise + Visit to a Belgian Brewery

Enjoy a private walking tour of Bruges to admire the city's monuments, go on a cruise along the canal and visit a traditional Belgian brewery!  SEASONAL ACTIVITY SEASONAL ACTIVITY: OFFER AVAILABLE APRIL TO OCTOBER ONLY  Set off on a guided tour of Bruges accompanied by your very own private guide. Stroll through the city discovering monuments such as:  * Saint Salvator's Cathedral  * Jan Van Eyck Square * The Market Place  * Hôtel de Ville (City Hall)  * Concert Hall  * t'Zand Place * The City Theater  * Saaihalle (former Wool Hall) * Huise ter Beurze (the stock exchange)  * Basilica of the Holy Blood * And many more! On this 2-hour tour, your guide will tell you how Bruges evolved to become a key trading point in Western Europe during the Middle Ages, how the city was saved from destruction during the two World Wars and how it became known as the Venice of the North!  The tour of the city will end in front of the only traditional brewery located in the historic center, De Halve Maan. You will have the pleasure of visiting this brewery, which has been owned by the same family for six generations and whose history is intertwined with that of the city.  After your beer tasting, you will have lunch at the brewery or in a local restaurant before leaving your guide to take a cruise on the city's canals! Alcohol can cause health problems, so please drink in moderation. 

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What to visit in Ghyvelde

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Marchand dune
2.7 km

Marchand dune

The Marchand dune is located on the North Sea coast east of Dunkerque. It is part of the Dunes of Flanders. It forms a natural and diversified environment in permanent evolution. The variety of environments present on the nature reserve attracts a very diversified fauna. In the pools, refuges, many amphibians enjoy the food present: we discover the toads calamitus, crested newts or red frogs accompanied by a few dragonflies (blood sympétrum, wild ballast ...). In spring, we can recognize the song of the nightingale philomèle hidden in thickets. With nearly 400 species, this site is home to a wide variety of flora. The oyat or the sea buckthorn are very present. For the curious, other botanical treasures characterize this exceptional space. Sandworm is one example: although rare on this site, it is well adapted to the salty land of the seaside. Its root system helps to preserve the dune from erosion. On the embryonic dune, we find some pioneer plants adapted to a high salinity such as quackgrass and sea cakilier. The gray dune owes its name to the predominant colors of mosses and lichens. This botanical procession colonizes soils left bare, very poor in food. Their installation avoids soil erosion and allows the attachment of sand. These environments are nevertheless very fragile: trampling too often repeated threatens the species present. Made up of clear lawns, the gray dune hosts plants adapted to the particularly dry conditions of the environment: this explains the small size of the plants present. Their leaves are often picked, hairy and fleshy like those of large plants. These adaptations allow them to withstand wind, drought and salt air. The Northern Wheatear is also a bird of the gray dune. It has a preference for open areas that represent an ideal place for catching insects such as butterflies or caterpillars ... In the dunes, we find wetlands called "failures", totally different from gray dunes. These environments are just as exceptional at the ecological level.

143 Rue Charles Pichon 59123 Bray-Dunes

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