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Falklands villas

Falklands villas


On the seafront and in the heart of the seaside resort, sumptuous bourgeois houses were built at the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century. The queen of the northern beaches was then attended by a distinguished society that in the architecture of their homes expressed all styles, art deco, art nouveau, neo-Gothic, Swiss chalets, Corinthian palaces, Chinese pagodas, thatched cottages or even oriental villas. Remarks the names of villas, often evocative of the intimacy of the owners. The architects have multiplied the points of view: cubicle, large skylight, pinion of the floor of roof and roof terrace. The architect recalls travel. Late nineteenth, early twentieth, the dike-promenade was built to allow ladies to show their dresses.

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24-26 Digue de Mer
59240 Dunkerque
Lat : 51.05008Lng : 2.39242
8 m

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