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Lorient, Morbihan, Bretagne

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Located in the beautiful Morbihan department in Brittany, Lorient is a vibrant port city steeped in history and culture, offering a perfect blend of Breton traditions and modernity. Once a submarine base and the city of the French East India Company, it captivates visitors with its maritime heritage and economic dynamism. Sea lovers will be enchanted by the Interceltic Festival, a must-attend even...See more

Walking around Lorient

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Walks and hikes around Lorient.

What to visit in Lorient

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Stroll through the historic districts of Lorient.
62 km


The chapel is the town’s most unusual monument and located above a public road. Legend has it that a knight, coming back from the Crusades, carried a real piece of Christ’s cross. After stopping in the village of Hôpital, the knight fell asleep at the foot of a hawthorn. When he woke up, he realised that the piece of the cross had been stolen from him. He left the village without ever finding it. Shortly after, the people of the village noticed, at the top of a hawthorn, a crow’s nest lit with a supernatural light: the light came from the piece of the cross. The piece was brought to the church; however, it disappeared the following night. It was found once again in the crow’s nest. The people decided to build a chapel here with the choir located in the same place where the fragment of Christ’s cross had been found. A reliquary cross holding the piece of cross is kept inside the southern transept. The granite chapel dates back to the 16th century; however, it was restored at the end of the 20th century (1974-1986) by Bâtiments de France. The chapel, along with the crypt, were both classified as Historical Monuments in 1926. The chapel was built above a one-way public road, going from the square towards the street. This particular location allows pilgrims to pass underneath the relic situated in the upper chapel. An archway, located on the eastern side, overlooks a type of vaulted crypt lit by two stained glass windows. The altar from Saint Just chapel (located about 3km away from the village) is situated here, along with a statue of Mary, font and lintel. On the opposite side, a similar archway holds a beautiful portal made of four pointed arches. Previously, this solemn entrance lead to a staircase, which climbed to the upper floor. The chapel also has another defining feature: two staircases on each side of the upper chapel, allowing pilgrims to easily come and venerate the relic. The panelled vault is painted sky blue and dotted with gold stars. The choir, marked off by a wrought iron gate, is completely covered with carved wooden panels. The altar has the same decorative design. The pews are covered in plant motifs. The entire decor was created by Rector Tanguy, who also did all of the church’s woodwork. The two stained glass windows on either side of the choir illustrate the legend of the relic in the nest and the reliquary of La Vraie-Croix. Turn around and you can see the reliquary cross kept inside the southern transept. It contains a piece of Christ’s cross. It is only 20cm high; however, it is a true cross-shaped masterpiece made of bronze and silver with a wooden core.

1-3 Place du Palais 56250 La Vraie-Croix

Where to eat in Lorient

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The cuisine of Lorient is a must-try.

Where to sleep in Lorient

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Stay in unique accommodations in Lorient.
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