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L'Eglise d'Ispagnac
Vallée du Tarn - Ispagnac / Quézac
Pont de Quézac

The Quézac River Bend (by mountain-bike)

Credit : © Nathalie Thomas

Quézac or Ispagnac: impossible to choose between! An ideal circuit with young children, despite a few relatively short  technical sections.

Mountain-bike route #4. From the car park, go down towards the river Tarn and through the gardens. Cross the bridge to Quézac. At the town hall (mairie), turn right towards the Tarn and reach Notre-Dame de Quézac. Leave the village in the direction of the Causse Méjean. Take the track going uphill to Javillet. Continue on this track to get down to the reservoir and then to Quézac bridge. On the other side of the bridge, take a small path on the left towards Molines, In Molines, turn right  onto the D 907 bis for a few metres (go past the Quézac bottling factory) and turn left to take the road leading to Espinards/Salançon. Well before Espinards, at Point 619, leave the road for a track suitable for motor vehicles on the right, which joins up with a path going downhill to Ispagnac.

11 km
2 h
max. 0 m
min. 0 m
349 m
-349 m

Altimetric profile

Starting point

Lat : 44.3706054Lng : 3.5380079
47 d
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/ 47 d / 0 m

The gardens of Ispagnac

Ispagnac is in the contact zone of limestone, granite and schist bedrock....Read more

Lat : 44.368416Lng : 3.535539
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/ 47 d / 0 m

Quézac Bridge

This bridge crossing the river Tarn gives access to the village of...Read more

Lat : 44.37384Lng : 3.525172
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/ 47 d / 0 m

Quézac mineral water

Quézac mineral water emerges naturally from the Diva spring,...Read more

Lat : 44.373328Lng : 3.523982
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/ 47 d / 0 m

Notre-Dame de Quézac

The collegiate church of Quézac – today Notre-Dame church...Read more

Lat : 44.368939Lng : 3.524689
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/ 47 d / 0 m

Eurasian eagle-owl

This bird of prey is the largest nocturnal bird. Its ideal habitat...Read more

Lat : 44.35695Lng : 3.529513
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/ 47 d / 0 m

The grapevines

From the Middle Ages to the 1960s or 70s, grapevines prospered on...Read more

Lat : 44.378046Lng : 3.533031

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This circuit takes you through the town gardens of Ispagnac, which are well-known for their vegetable plots, orchards, strawberries and grapes. It then leads you on a discovery trip through Quézac with its miraculous spring!


From Florac, take the N 106 towards Mende, then the D 907bis (Gorges du Tarn) towards Ispagnac (car park opposite the pharmacy

Advised parking

Car park opposite the pharmacy


You are strongly advised to wear a helmet. The route is stony. Do not forget your repair kit and a small set of tools.