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La cham de l'Hermet (sentier de l'Hermet)
La cham de l'Hermet

The Cham de l'Hermet plateau

Credit : © Michelle Sabatier

This walk passes through very diverse landscapes and lets you explore the complex interactions between mankind and nature.

Start at the Tour de l'horloge (clocktower), cross the bridge over the Tarn and turn right.

8.1 km
3 h
max. 0 m
min. 0 m
459 m
-459 m

Altimetric profile

Starting point

Lat : 44.3628833Lng : 3.7432719
41 d
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/ 41 d / 0 m

Natural evolution of beech and oak groves

Marker 1This steep terrain consists of a mass of fallen granite rocks...Read more

Lat : 44.359257Lng : 3.73592
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/ 41 d / 0 m

The Tarn valley and its landscapes shaped by human activity

Marker 2The open scenery overlooking the Tarn offers a grand panorama....Read more

Lat : 44.356538Lng : 3.725614
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/ 41 d / 0 m

L'Hermet hamlet

Marker 3A viewpoint indicator explains the architecture of the hamlet.

Lat : 44.350139Lng : 3.726033
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/ 41 d / 0 m

Scots Pine forest (Pinus sylvestris)

Marker 5The Scots pine is a typical example of a dynamic, sun-seeking...Read more

Lat : 44.342312Lng : 3.737257
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/ 41 d / 0 m

Pine-forest fauna

  Pine forests associated with blueberry zones are interesting...Read more

Lat : 44.342543Lng : 3.737547
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/ 41 d / 0 m

Heath alternating with hay meadows

Marker 6Callune has established itself on the knolls, meaning the...Read more

Lat : 44.342688Lng : 3.737739
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/ 41 d / 0 m

A sheepfold in ruins

Marker 7You need to leave the path on the left and walk for about...Read more

Lat : 44.344278Lng : 3.737821
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/ 41 d / 0 m


Marker 8Views of the southern slope of Mont Lozère

Lat : 44.351586Lng : 3.738825
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/ 41 d / 0 m

Sheepfold with lauze-covered roof

Marker 9Unlike the previous sheepfold, this one was built out of heavy,...Read more

Lat : 44.354038Lng : 3.740402
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/ 41 d / 0 m

The Camisards' path

Marker 11This path used to be an important communication route linking...Read more

Lat : 44.359547Lng : 3.741312
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/ 41 d / 0 m


Marker 12Le Pont-de-Montvert is at the confluence of the Tarn and...Read more

Lat : 44.360805Lng : 3.743791

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Tour de l'Horloge (clocktower)


Tour de l'Horloge (clocktower)


The Cham de l'Hermet, on the north slope of the Bougès, showcases the diverse landscapes of the Tarn valley, including the L'Hermet plateau where the handsome granite hamlet of the same name is situated. The downhill section towards Le-Pont-de-Montvert offers magnificent panoramic views onto the entire Mont Lozère mountain range with its highest point, Pic de Finiels (1,699 m).


Le Pont-de-Montvert, on the D 998 from Florac

Advised parking

Car parks at the temple (Protestant church) or Catholic church

Public transport

Le Pont-de-MontvertBus route 7 Mende / Le Pont-de-Montvert / Vialas  
see Guide des transport de Lozère