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Discover Luc-sur-Mer
Discover Luc-sur-Mer
Discover Luc-sur-Mer
Discover Luc-sur-Mer

Discover Luc-sur-Mer

Credit : Nathalie PAPOUIN

A seaside resort with its Thalasso and casino dating back to the end of the 19th century, Luc-sur-Mer is the ideal place to come and recharge your batteries. Stroll to the end of the pier to enjoy the view of the coast. During your walk, you will be surprised by an unusual discovery as you enter the Municipal Park. You will come face to face with a 19-metre long whale skeleton that was washed up on the beach in 1885. You will also walk along the valley of La Capricieuse by taking the pedestrian path, a pleasant and bucolic walk.

In season, historical guided tours are regularly offered. The programme is available at the tourist office.

5.9 km
2 h
max. 22 m
min. 0 m
16 m
-8 m

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Styles : BaladeDiscoveryIn townSea
Public : FamilyTeenagers
Themes : CulturalPatrimony

Starting point

1 Rue Guynemer
14530 Luc-sur-Mer
Lat : 49.31978Lng : -0.35387
50 d
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Departure from the Place du Petit Enfer. Turn right by the sea, towards the Fishermen's Pier.

6 Rue du Docteur Charcot 14530 Luc-sur-mer
Lat : 49.319755Lng : -0.353848
n/a m
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/ 2 years / 0 m

Place du Petit Enfer

Luc-sur-Mer was one of the parishes obliged to establish a Protestant...Read more

1 Rue Guynemer 14530 Luc-sur-Mer
Lat : 49.319937Lng : -0.353805
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/ 26 d / 0 m

Luc-sur-Mer beach

Made famous by the Pèlerins de la Délivrande in 1820...Read more

Lat : 49.317644Lng : -0.348758
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Head towards the swamp breach

Take the swamp gap to the roundabout, take rue Aristide Briand located to the right of avenue Pierre Laurent.

1 Rue de la Brèche Marais 14530 Luc-sur-mer
Lat : 49.317618Lng : -0.348827
n/a m
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/ 2 years / 0 m

La jetée des pêcheurs

On the "East" side, the fishermen's jetty, extending the breach of...Read more

2 Rue de la Brèche Marais 14530 Luc-sur-Mer
Lat : 49.317968Lng : -0.347818
image du poi

Turn right on rue Arcisse de Caumont

Turn right on rue Arcisse de Caumont. Then turn left on rue Camille Blaisot and enter the park.

12 Rue Aristide Briand 14530 Luc-sur-mer
Lat : 49.316534Lng : -0.350962
n/a m
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At the exit of the park

When you leave the park, turn right to go up to the sea.

45 Rue de la Mer 14530 Luc-sur-mer
Lat : 49.31779Lng : -0.355854
n/a m
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/ 2 years / 0 m

Chapelle Bonne Espérance

Also known as "Chapel of the bathers", it was built near the beach...Read more

23 Rue de la Mer 14530 Luc-sur-Mer
Lat : 49.318548Lng : -0.354652
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Reach the seaside

Join the promenade dike. Turn left and drive past the thermal baths and the casino. At the sailing club, head towards the campsite and take the pedestrian path.

1 Rue Guynemer 14530 Luc-sur-mer
Lat : 49.320035Lng : -0.353633
n/a m
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/ 50 d / 0 m

The Vallon de la Capricieuse

Stretching over 33 hectares, from Douvres-la-Délivrande to...Read more

Lat : 49.319346Lng : -0.359867
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/ 2 years / 0 m

Saint-Quentin Church

For the construction of the Saint-Quentin church in 1873, a major...Read more

4 Place de l'Abbé Joseph Prieur 14530 Luc-sur-Mer
Lat : 49.308176Lng : -0.357077
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Walk along the campsite

Walk along the campsite and continue up to the second intersection. You're on the donkey path. Turn left and go up the rue du château d'eau. At the end of the street turn left.

8 Avenue Lécuyer 14530 Luc-sur-mer
Lat : 49.320507Lng : -0.359759
n/a m
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/ 2 years / 0 m

The manor house "Hüe de Caligny"

Built in the 16th century by the Hüe de Caligny family, the manor...Read more

5 Rue de Cresserons 14530 Luc-sur-Mer
Lat : 49.308358Lng : -0.35461
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Cross the cemetery

Cross the cemetery and head towards Louis Marie Street.

10 Rue de l'Église 14530 Luc-sur-mer
Lat : 49.308589Lng : -0.357785
n/a m
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/ 2 years / 0 m

The porch of the Carmelite court

In the municipality of Luc-sur-Mer, which belonged to the abbeys,...Read more

3 Rue Abbé Vengeon 14530 Luc-sur-Mer
Lat : 49.310554Lng : -0.355489
image du poi

Take the direction of rue Auguste Langlois

Turn left on rue Auguste Langlois. Then turn right on Abbé Vengeon street.

19 Rue Louis Marie 14530 Luc-sur-mer
Lat : 49.308631Lng : -0.35388
n/a m
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Direction of the cinema

Continue in the direction of rue du Maréchal Foch.

20 Rue Abbé Vengeon 14530 Luc-sur-mer
Lat : 49.311149Lng : -0.355876
n/a m
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/ 2 years / 0 m

Le Drakkar (Salle Foch)

A parish building built in 1930 and inaugurated in May 1931, the "Salle...Read more

24 Avenue du Maréchal Foch 14530 Luc-sur-Mer
Lat : 49.313191Lng : -0.35653