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The Landing of Provence
The Landing of Provence
The Landing of Provence
The Landing of Provence

The Landing of Provence

Credit : Office de tourisme intercommunale La Londe les Maures

After the Armistice of June 1940, defeated, France collaborates with the Third Reich. Following the Allied landing in North Africa and the scuttling of the French fleet in the port of Toulon, in November 1942, General de GAULLE in 1943 tasked General GIRAUD, to reorganize in North Africa, a French army with American material support. The Allies imagine to fight the occupation troops by the North (Operation OVERLORD in Normandy) and the South (Operation DRAGOON in Provence). The coast of the Moors (la côte des Maures) appears then as the only place likely to escape the coastal batteries of the Toulon area.

Two months after the landing of Normandy on the 6th of June of 1944, the Allies get the green light.

On the night of August 14 to 15 in 1944, the African commandos, the first French soldiers on the soil of Provence, stormed Cape Negro, the naval assault group, the Esquirol point, the Canadians and American rangers the Golden Islands. American parachutists are dropped in the plain of Muy.
On the morning of August 15th, American divisions land at Cavalaire; for eight days, those of the Army of Africa land in a continuous flow on the beaches of Cavalaire, Dramont, Nartelle to liberate the occupied towns and villages in Var.

Go back in time and discover the town’s liberation’s highlights of Le Lavandou and Collobrières on August 15, 1944, Pierrefeu du Var and Bormes les Mimosas on the 16th, La Londe les Maures and Cuers on the 17th.

91 km
9 h
15 h
3 h 30 mn
max. 600 m
min. 1 m
1442 m
-1315 m

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Starting point

Avenue Henri Matisse
83250 La Londe-les-Maures
Lat : 43.13232Lng : 6.23134
4 years
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Stele of the Liberation

This stele was erected in 1970 by the association of the French Remembrance...Read more

2020 Route de Saint Honoré 83250 La Londe-les-Maures
Lat : 43.150495Lng : 6.264031
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Sergeant Stanley BENDER’s Bridge

3rd American Infantry Division - 3rd DIUS - Company E October...Read more

2083 Route de la Jouasse 83250 La Londe-les-Maures
Lat : 43.147501Lng : 6.251317
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Stele of the Martyrs of the Resistance

Eugène OSWALD was born on August 14th, 1925 in La Londe. His...Read more

965 Avenue Albert Roux 83250 La Londe-les-Maures
Lat : 43.13689Lng : 6.231512
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Fort of Brégançon

On August 17, 44, 2 days after the Landing of Provence, the 3rd commando...Read more

1907 Avenue Guy Tezenas 83230 Bormes-les-Mimosas
Lat : 43.09282Lng : 6.322289
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The Notre Dame de Constance’s fortified

From this position which dominates the village of Bormes and the plain,...Read more

Lat : 43.156354Lng : 6.340962
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The roadblock of Gratteloup

The crossroads of '' Gratteloup '' was the scene of a fight between...Read more

3763 Route de Martegasse 83230 Bormes-les-Mimosas
Lat : 43.171195Lng : 6.331558
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The Pinède du Gouron’s Blockhouse network

These blockhouses are part of a strong network of fortifications,...Read more

199 Sentier du Gouron 83230 Bormes-les-Mimosas
Lat : 43.124293Lng : 6.364002
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Roger ROSSIs Bridge

Built in the 19th century, this bridge quickly became the main crossing...Read more

3 Avenue de la Libération 83610 Collobrières
Lat : 43.236841Lng : 6.307697
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Place de la Libération

It plays a central role in Collobrières. It is circled by the...Read more

4 Place de la Libération 83610 Collobrières
Lat : 43.23735Lng : 6.309065
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Sommet du Laquina

This is where the Germans built Station 37 Telemach Y Geräte...Read more

Lat : 43.198567Lng : 6.325037
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Monuments to the memory of the French and American

Square du Plessis de Grenadan: On August 16, 2018, a new stele...Read more

18 Boulevard Henri Guérin 83390 Pierrefeu-du-Var
Lat : 43.227908Lng : 6.143187
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Stèle des Turcos

This stele reminds us that at this place, the "TURCOS" regiments of...Read more

80 Route de Cuers 83390 Pierrefeu-du-Var
Lat : 43.226501Lng : 6.125157
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Commanding Officer Chief Warrant Officer HOURCADE

This stele has been inaugurated on September 14, 1941 by General LAURE,...Read more

1055 Avenue Joseph Balestrazzi 83390 Cuers
Lat : 43.245009Lng : 6.086764
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Commemorative plaque of the liberation

In 1964, the association RHIN & DANUBE, at the national level...Read more

9 Place Général Magnan 83390 Cuers
Lat : 43.236776Lng : 6.0728
140 m
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Monument to the Deads of the Cemetery

It is a large composition of 5 m high, with various symbols referring...Read more

89 Rue du Souvenir Français 83390 Cuers
Lat : 43.240205Lng : 6.067221
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The commando plaque

At the precise spot where the first African commandos landed, at the...Read more

Lat : 43.143133Lng : 6.439909
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The stele of General GIRAUD

For diving and war planes enthusiasts, this wreck located 200 m north-west...Read more

Lat : 43.103991Lng : 6.39473
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The necropolis of La Fossette

At the head of the second commando shock composed of Moroccans, Captain...Read more

1260 Avenue du Levant 83980 Le Lavandou
Lat : 43.14522Lng : 6.397106
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The stele of General GIRAUD

The night of November 6, 1942, the small beach of La Fossette is the...Read more

1100 Avenue du Levant 83980 Le Lavandou
Lat : 43.145002Lng : 6.396028