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Parcours Baludik - Les Amoureux d'Angers (English version)

Parcours Baludik - Les Amoureux d'Angers (English version)
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Welcome to Angers! You will discover the city withthis immersive, fun, cultural and accessible game for all ages!The plot is very simple.Martin, a young engineering student in Angers, decided to invite Amélie whom he met recently. Your goal: help Martin impress Amélie who is talented in History, so that he can charm her... Will you succeed?Don't worry, you will be helped during your mission by a very special guest…Here is some practical informationabout the game:Meet near the Jardin du Mail (Mail Garden)The route is about 2km and lasts about 1 hour and a halfBe careful, the route is not a loop! The final stage will take you 5 min walk from your starting point 😊You can play without using the internet! To do so, you just need to download the game at home, via WiFiRemember to charge your phone well, it will be your only discovery tool for the duration of the game!We wish you a very nice adventure!

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Principe des parcours Baludik

Un parcours Baludik est un jeu de piste géolocalisé accessible gratuitement depuis votre smartphone : aidez-vous des indices à disposition pour résoudre les énigmes et découvrir ou redécouvrir le territoire.

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