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Europe is in Brussels

Europe is in Brussels

How does the European Union has changed Brussels ? This 2 hours walk will bring you into a new city inside the city, and show you how a whole district has inherited of the European architecture... and culture.

4 km
max. 82 m
min. 52 m
78 m
-72 m

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Style : Festif

Point de départ

1000 Brussels
Lat : 50.8455Lng : 4.3689
0 m
11 ans
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Rue de Loi

From the Arts-Loi Station, this huge street is the gate door to the EU district. Despite its name, this street hosts thousands of the very (pro)active national and corporate lobbies.

15 Rue de la Loi 1000 Brussel
Lat : 50.8455Lng : 4.3689
0 m
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European Commission

This building may not be impressive from an architectural point of view, but it does when considering how many powerfull people work inside. One could say the EU Commission is the post-modern incarnation of supra-national power.

52 Boulevard Charlemagne 1000 Brussel
Lat : 50.8433Lng : 4.38057
0 m
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A red Church

Who would expect to find such a small red church between all these huge and impersonnal buildings ? This is not because european civil servants need to pray. This is because its priests found a way to resist to the real-estate pressure. God knows how...

62 Chaussée d'Etterbeek 1000 Brussel
Lat : 50.8414Lng : 4.37901
0 m
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Leopold Park

Natural life also has its voice in this concrete district ! Though small and surrounded by traffic jams, the Leopold Park has kept a very pastoral atmosphere. This should be your first choice place to have a rest, before getting to the EU Parliament on the other side of the garden.

77 Rue Wiertz 1000 Brussel
Lat : 50.8393Lng : 4.37681
0 m
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Parlament of Europe !

Who knows how many translators are working there ? The EU Parliament is definitely the most impressive building of the district, and keeps on and on eating the neighbourhood. Inside lives an other small city that hosts shops only available to Deputies. In front of the building stands one of the few European symbols existing on earth : a statue of what could be Miss Liberty with an Euro in the hand.

3 Place du Luxembourg 1050 Botmeur
Lat : 50.8389Lng : 4.37421
0 m
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After such a cold and distant trip into the European Union, don't forget that behind the walls are standing men and women working for the most pacific inter-state project on earth. These people also need to have fun. The Rue du Luxembourd is where they get a drink before going further into the night...

12 Rue Marie de Bourgogne 1000 Botmeur
Lat : 50.8395Lng : 4.37101
0 m