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Parc & Château de Beloeil.

Parc & Château de Beloeil.

Beloeil Castle has been located for eight centuries in the middle of its moat, in the land of Hainaut. The vast seigneurial residence of the princes of Ligne was first a medieval fortress but over the centuries it has been transformed into a pleasure castle.

The Belgian Versailles, like its illustrious French neighbour, the Parc des Princes de Ligne is imbued with the same philosophy of the world that characterized the classical gardens, called "à la française", very popular in the 17th and 18th centuries: finis the secret and closed gardens. Like the King and France, the garden is affirme as the centre of the known universe. This unique complex of about thirty hectares, which naturally extends into the Beloeil forest, was created by Claude-Lamoral II (1685-1766), Prince of Line and architect Chevotet. As a result, kilometres of lanes are drawn with a chalk line and the course of the Hunelle River has been redesigned into rectilinear canals.

Technical information

11 Rue du Château
7970 Beloeil
Lat : 50.5496Lng : 3.72638
3 years