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Medieval ruins of herbeumont castle

Built on top of a rocky outcrop overlooking the village and the Semois Valley, the medieval ruins of Herbeumont castle offer a splendid panorama of the...Read more

10 Rue du Château 6887 Herbeumont
Lat : 49.778943Lng : 5.234664
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Wavreille - The village church

This walk starts from the village church. Etymologically, Wavreille means small marshland, and there seems to be a logical explanation for the...Read more

1 Rue du Patronage 5580 Rochefort
Lat : 50.121142Lng : 5.248441
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Romanesque church - Celles

The perfectly preserved Romanesque church of Celles is thought to be prior to the 12th century. The crypt, located under the choir, probably dates back...Read more

2 Rue Saint-Hadelin 5561 Houyet
Lat : 50.228993Lng : 5.007814
185 m
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Hermitage Chapel

The chapel, called de l'Ermitage, is constructed on the site of Saint Hadelin's grave and nearby the cave where he retreated. Until 1789, the hermits attached...Read more

2 Ferme de la Cour 5561 Houyet
Lat : 50.228169Lng : 5.008519
208 m
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Schloss und Gärten von Freÿr

The most magnificent natural site in the country is home to an outstanding estate with a touch of Versailles about it (16th-18th C). There, you will be...Read more

Lat : 50.2261Lng : 4.8896
105 m
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Feudalsitz von Vêves

With its magnificent towers and its beautiful woodwork, the Castle of Vêves seems to come straight out of a fairy tale. It is considered as one of...Read more

Lat : 50.22072Lng : 4.98237
154 m
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Burg von Franchimont

Located only 8 km from Spa, Franchimont, an ancient fortress of the principality of Liège, is perched on a rocky promontory overlooking three beautiful...Read more

Lat : 50.53Lng : 5.82983
0 m
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St Michael's church

The church is a classical edifice, that was built in 1835 in limestone and sandstone. In 1887, the choir and neo-Romanesque transept are extended.

38 Rue de La-Roche 6990 Hotton
Lat : 50.257769Lng : 5.472715
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