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Micro-distillery of Mont-Saint-Jean Farm

Gin Mont-Saint-Jean
Micro-distillerie Ferme de Mont-Saint-Jean - intérieur
Micro-distillerie Ferme de Mont-Saint-Jean - intérieur 2
Micro-distillerie Ferme de Mont-Saint-Jean
Credit : Ferme de Mont-Saint-Jean


A micro-distillery was set up quite recently at Mont-Saint-Jean farm. This place infused with history, character and authenticity is now rediscovering a tradition of yesteryear, by embarking on the distillation of high-quality gin and whisky. At the time, there was already a distillery on the site because it was an effective way of transforming out-of-date beer. Waterloo beer is the base component of both Waterloo gin and whisky. The only difference is that the whisky distillate is not altered in any way at all, while various spices and plants are added during the manufacturing process to enhance the flavour of the gin. The whisky won't be available till 2020.

Technical information 01/10/2023
591 Chaussée de Bruxelles
1410 Waterloo
Lat : 50.68984Lng : 4.40728
120 m

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