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Leisure path on the Brame river

Leisure path on the Brame river


Easily accessible, those leisure paths receive three rainbow trouts discharges per year by the Federation. Fishing is forbidden on the following days because of the discharges : 9th and 10th of March, 27th and 28th of April, and 1st and 2nd of June 2017. Those paths, signaled by panels, enable youngers and olders to practice their favorite hobby (be careful, closed on days of fish releases). This one is 3,3 km long, and it goes from the D4 bis bridge to the D91 bridge. Fishing licenses sold at the town hall of Oradour Saint Genest, in Le Dorat (at Rura Lim "Dorat" and at the Basse-Marche tourist office), or on the website www.cartedepeche.fr. Prices: daily fishing license (10€), weekly fishing license (32€), annual fishing licenses (95€ for interfederal men-license, 73€ for the Haute-Vienne men-license, 32€ for women, 20€ for minors (from 12 to 18), 6€ for children under 12). More information generally and on fishing periods on the website of the Fédération départementale de pêche de la Haute-Vienne (only in french): www.federation-peche87.com.

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