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Fer-à-Cheval Cirque

The Fer à Cheval is the largest mountain cirque in the Alps. Ringed by towering cliffs, the cirque is breathtakingly beautiful throughout the year...Read more

Lat : 46.077756Lng : 6.841193
931 m
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La Crossetaz lake

The Lac de la Crossetaz is a charming spot for a picnic, fishing or just rest and relaxation in the great outdoors. The footpath is behind the church in...Read more

Lat : 46.237268Lng : 6.452537
853 m
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Lac Genin et ses tourbières

This pretty mountain lake lies in a clearing surrounded by pines. At an altitude of 831m (2,726ft) and with a surface area of 8ha (20 acres), it is nicknamed...Read more

Lat : 46.21999Lng : 5.697956
849 m
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Lac de Nantua

Glacial lake with a surface area of 141ha (348 acres) and a depth of up to 43 metres (140ft). Activities include angling, sailing, bathing, pedal boats,...Read more

Lat : 46.156946Lng : 5.599337
473 m
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La Gombe quarry

The Gombe quarry was formerly exploited for the production of sandstone ashlars but is currently used as a diving centre by the Centre Liégeois...Read more

2 Chera de la Gombe 4130 Esneux
Lat : 50.5088Lng : 5.56603
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Regional nature reserve of the étangs de Mépieu

In the nature reserve, the succession of wetlands (lakes, swamps, ponds) and dry areas (dry grassland, juniper heaths, boxwood formations, oak forests)...Read more

Lat : 45.7449Lng : 5.434745
259 m
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Lac d'Aiguebelette

Indulge yourself in the delights of this magical place where you can really recharge your batteries... Peaceful waters, gentle mountain slopes, lush aquatic...Read more

Lat : 45.554719Lng : 5.801082
399 m
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Lake Saint André

Lake Saint André lies at the foot of the huge north face of Mont Granier, formed by a catastrophic landslide in 1248. The lake is open to...Read more

Lat : 45.49236Lng : 5.985446
302 m
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Lake Annecy

Beauty of the lake and mountains evolving all the time! Lake Annecy's clear waters are surrounded by moutains which colours change with seasons or light:...Read more

Lat : 45.900104Lng : 6.132517
452 m
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Lac de Carouge

The Lac de Carouge is a former gravel pit, which was transformed 20 years ago into a popular leisure centre that attracts visitors throughout the year.Covering...Read more

Lat : 45.556619Lng : 6.16642
286 m
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