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Credit : Médiathèque

This modern building is situated on a history packed site.
On what to be only marshes, as the streets' toponymy tells us, were, on a mount, three crosses (which can be found at the graveyard later on).
These three crosses were moved for the construction, in 1941, by the German, who were in fact Austrians, of barracks meant to house Tirailleurs sénégalais (Senegalese infantry corps), brought down into slavery to clear the earth and plant over the moors.
After the war, this lugubrious place became a place for celebrations; the inhabitants of Plélan, taking on the habit, as reavenge on the past, to celebrate there the return of the war prisoners.
In 1953, the townhall decided to officialy build the village hall there by enlarging the existing building. Inaugurated three years later, it became renown in the area as so many weddings, bals, bingoes take place there.
Being out of standards, the village hall was torn down in 2009. A new village hall, more spacious is built next of des Garennes and, on these grounds in the centre of the village, between the schools, this cultural centre is built.

Technical information

2 Rue des Rouairies
22980 Plélan-le-Petit
Lat : 48.4341Lng : -2.21848
0 m
7 years