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Saint Etienne of Waha Church - Folon's stained glass windows
Saint Etienne of Waha Church - Folon's stained glass windows

Saint Etienne of Waha Church - Folon's stained glass windows

Credit : Geopark Famenne-Ardenne

You are now in the village of Waha, mainly and justifiably famous for its church and its stained glass windows. The church of Saint-Etienne, a remarkable Romanesque church listed as a Major Heritage of Wallonia site, is one of the oldest Romanesque churches to be found in Belgium and the only one to have retained its dedication stone commemorating the consecration of the church on 20 June 1050 by Théoduin, Bishop of Liège from 1048 to 1075. It is surrounded by its ancient cemetery and sheltered by a centuries-old linden tree, beneath which a statue of a monk, the Moine Blanc Curé, kneels in prayer. If you go inside the church, you will find a number of other remarkable works, such as the ornamental stone bearing the arms of
Philippe II, as well as the arms of Luxembourg and of the town of Marche, the 16th century baptismal fonts, a number of 18th century reliquaries and a fragment of a 16th century crucifix. Observe carefully and you will notice a number of sculptures signed by the mysterious 16th century sculptor known as the Master of Waha. Other sculptures and works by the same artist are on display at the Famenne Art Museum. This rich heritage is nobly served by the stunning display of colours in the stained glass windows designed by Belgian artist Jean-Michel Folon, depicting the martyrdom of Saint Stephen, patron saint of the parish. At the back of the church, an audiovisual display pays tribute to the work of the artist and comments on some of the most noteworthy items of the church’s heritage.

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