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Ride with a donkey

The association Rêv'Anion, located in Essonne between Lardy and Janville sur Juine, offers to visitors of all ages the chance to explore the Gillevoisin...Read more

Lat : 48.511Lng : 2.2377
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Climbing room 100% Fun! Come to HAPIK and discover the joy of verticality and height for both children and adults. Climb in the heart of a jungle of colorful...Read more

Lat : 48.623305Lng : 2.34526
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Atout Branches

Atout Branche is a sports and ludo activities fun park in Milly-la-Forêt in the heart of the National Park of the Gâtinais, a true lung in...Read more

Lat : 48.408559Lng : 2.449037
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Port aux Cerises Leisure Centre

20 minutes from Paris, in Draveil in Essonne (91), the leisure island Le Port aux Cerises offers many sports and leisure activities, all year round and...Read more

Lat : 48.691456Lng : 2.407808
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Aventure Floréval Park

Challenge yourself with 17 tree climbing courses including one by night the last Saturday of each month. Test your strategy skills with the Laser Game,...Read more

Lat : 48.607605Lng : 2.187975
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Canoe and Kayak trips in South Essonne

With family or friends, discover the region throughout its rivers while practicing a sport that is fun and environmentally aware.An adventure 100%...Read more

Lat : 48.589707Lng : 2.243509
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Land yachting on former air base 217

Discovery and initiation to land yachting on the former air base 217 tracks.Introductions to land yachting, supervised on marked, secured and adapted...Read more

Lat : 48.602384Lng : 2.356557
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