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Brie by bike: from La Ferté-sous-Jouarre to Coulommiers
Brie by bike: from La Ferté-sous-Jouarre to Coulommiers
Brie by bike: from La Ferté-sous-Jouarre to Coulommiers
Brie by bike: from La Ferté-sous-Jouarre to Coulommiers
Brie by bike: from La Ferté-sous-Jouarre to Coulommiers
Brie by bike: from La Ferté-sous-Jouarre to Coulommiers
Brie by bike: from La Ferté-sous-Jouarre to Coulommiers
Brie by bike: from La Ferté-sous-Jouarre to Coulommiers

Brie by bike: from La Ferté-sous-Jouarre to Coulommiers

Bike itinerary between La Ferté-sous-Jouarre and Coulommiers.
A section of the 3-day “Brie by bike” loop.

Enjoy a breath of fresh air while exploring the Pays des Deux Morin, a territory boasting an exceptionally rich heritage. From La Ferté-sous-Jouarre, gateway to the Île-de-France region and “Millstone Capital of the World”, pedal through fields and along bucolic paths to Coulommiers, capital of Brie cheeses. Along the way, you’ll discover a gem of medieval Merovingian art and summit the Butte de Doue hillock. This section of the “Brie by bike” loop is dotted with small villages and will lead you through a pleasant landscape of dales and plateaus.
Loop not suited to children under 12.

SHORT STAY IDEA: Discover the 2 other sections of the “Brie by bike” tourist loop (“From Coulommiers to Crécy-la-Chapelle” and “From Crécy-la-Chapelle to La Ferté-sous-Jouarre”), for a fun and flavourful 2-wheeled weekend getaway.

29 km
3 h
max. 178 m
min. 50 m
338 m
329 m

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Styles : BaladeDiscoveryIn the country
Themes : GourmetPatrimony

Starting point

7 1-9 D603
77260 La Ferté-sous-Jouarre
Lat : 48.950564Lng : 3.125744
0 m
86 d
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La Tour romane L'Abbaye Notre Dame de Jouarre

The locality first began to grow in the seventh century, with the...Read more

Lat : 48.927021Lng : 3.131752
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La Ferté-sous-Jouarre railway station

Departing from the railway station, pedal down to the right. At the first traffic light, place yourself in the left-hand lane heading towards the town centre and take Rue Pierre Marx. When you see the town hall in front of you, turn right and bike down to the Marne River. At the second stop sign, pass the barriers (not blocking the way to bikes) to continue opposite. To the right of the car park, enter the park bordering the Marne River to the right. Pass under the bridge, cross the car park and bike up to the right to cross the Pont de l’Europe bridge.

7 Rue de la Gare 77260 La ferte-sous-jouarre
Lat : 48.950745Lng : 3.12576
0 m
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La Ferté-sous-Jouarre

At the roundabout, turn right towards Jouarre, Coulommiers. Continue on until the traffic light. Get off your bike to cross the street and head back in the opposite direction so as to turn right onto Rue du Petit Pays. Pedal along the brook and at the first stop sign on the slope, take the street in front of you. The street climbs easily along a wood and offers you a view of the beautiful square-towered church of La Ferté-sous-Jouarre. At the stop sign at the end of the street, turn left. Continue climbing via the road that bears right. Bike down towards the village of Sept-Sorts via the VC3. At the first crossroads, turn left onto Rue de Jouarre. A nice climb will lead you out of the Foy Wood. The Jouarre Valley and its belfry appear before you. Enter the town and continue straight on at the small roundabout. Take the third left onto Rue du Puits Certain. Continue along the property wall on the right by following the narrow lane bearing off. At the second stop sign, turn left towards the town centre. Continue on to the far end of the large square, then turn right onto the small street.

12 Place du Mémorial 77260 La ferte-sous-jouarre
Lat : 48.943409Lng : 3.12386
0 m
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Auberge du Petit Morin

A l'Auberge du Petit Morin on a autant de plaisir à découvrir...Read more

Lat : 48.937743Lng : 3.137589
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Mouilleron Bakery, the first batch

In a friendly atmosphere, rustic and warm, Mouilleron Bakery and Tea...Read more

Lat : 48.813058Lng : 3.083634
0 m
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Notre-Dame de Jouarre Abbey

Majestic Notre-Dame de Jouarre Abbey, with its Romanesque bell tower suddenly comes into view. Founded during the 7th century during the Merovingian period, the abbey is still home to a Benedictine brotherhood. Don’t hesitate to visit the peaceful, verdant park just behind the church, offering a lovely view of this history-steeped site. In front of the abbey entrance, continue along the street, passing under the porch. Immediately afterwards, continue straight on, in the opposite direction of the “Prieuré de St-Cyr” (Saint-Cyr Priory). Again immediately afterwards, at the Place Jean Moulin square, turn right onto narrow Rue du Clos Pitou (left of and level with the house). Continue along this street until the grassy tractor track exiting town along the grapevines. You come to another somewhat wider country road. Continue left along the shady wooded property. At the end of the road, continue opposite along Ruelle Albert Besnard after a slight stitch to the right. Continue straight on until a small passage to the right of a gate: this ever-narrowing path will lead you to Rue du Cloud.

3 Grande Place 77640 Jouarre
Lat : 48.92717Lng : 3.130191
0 m
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Enter the cheese dairy Ferme Jehan de Brie means to enter a cheese...Read more

Lat : 48.814583Lng : 3.08393
0 m
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Saint-Cyr Priory

Turn right then immediately left onto Rue du Ru de Vrou towards the Saint-Cyr Priory. After a landscape of meadows overlooking the valley, pass by the priory’s fortified tower and turn left at the next crossroads. At Les Petits Montgoins, turn right towards La Chèvrerie. Continue along this road cutting across the large agricultural plain. Turn left immediately after the small town of Le Plessier, along the farm hangar.

2 Rue du Cloud 77640 Jouarre
Lat : 48.914009Lng : 3.146091
0 m
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Admire to your right the church perched atop the Butte de Doue hillock. At the stop sign, turn left and then cross the RD 37 towards the château. Turn right onto the first road, which climbs up to the church. Known as the “Lighthouse of Brie”, beautiful Saint-Martin Church is built in the Gothic style and houses rare tombs of soldiers fallen during the Prussian wars. From atop the hillock, enjoy a 360° panoramic view of the surrounding region. Ride back down the knoll via the narrow road heading in the opposite direction from which you arrived. At the first stop sign, turn right then immediately left onto Rue de la Croisette along the farmstead. At the stop sign, turn right onto the wide road. At the second large crossroads, turn right towards Croupet and Saint-Germain-sous-Doue. Ride along the brook and its meadows and pass through the length of both villages you come to.

2 Le Plessier 77510 Doue
Lat : 48.876312Lng : 3.160167
0 m
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/ 11 d / 0 m

With patience and more than 100 years of expertise, the fifth generation...Read more

Lat : 48.926767Lng : 3.125943
0 m
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La ville de Jouarre

Dotée d'un patrimoine unique et témoignage rare de l’époque...Read more

Lat : 48.92697Lng : 3.130026
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In Saint-Germain, turn right towards Aulnoy. On the agricultural plateau, pass by the Haras de la Barrée stud farm and the small town of Le Bas Ménil.

2 Rue de la Fontaine 77169 Saint-germain-sous-doue
Lat : 48.850319Lng : 3.14408
0 m
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You come to Aulnoy by skirting the château wall. Turn left towards the town centre. Once again, ride along the stone wall separating you from the wood. Upon exiting Aulnoy, turn right towards Le Charnoy. Enjoy first a downhill run, then burn your calves riding up the opposite slope! At the top, turn left at the stop sign and continue on to Le Theil. At the roundabout in the town centre, on Place Michel Moreau square, turn right (keeping the wash house on your left). Continue straight on along Rue du Theil, then follow Avenue de Lattre de Tassigny to begin the long downhill to the centre of Coulommiers.

D19A1 77120 Aulnoy
Lat : 48.843197Lng : 3.09545
0 m
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Ride down to the first roundabout, where you turn left onto Rue La Fayette. At the next roundabout, continue opposite through the zone 30 (low-speed traffic zone) towards the town centre. Continue along the shopping street and enter the heart of Coulommiers. Admire the lovely townhouses, ride or stroll along the Grand Morin River with its view of Saint-Denys-Sainte-Foy Church, then pass over the footbridge to relax in the Parc des Capucins, a pleasant combination of water and verdure. Continue straight on until the large roundabout and take the opposite avenue towards Melun. Be sure to take the bike path immediately to your right on the pavement upon exiting the roundabout (just opposite the bike shop). The bike path will lead you to the Coulommiers railway station.

27 Avenue de la République 77120 Coulommiers
Lat : 48.815632Lng : 3.08832
0 m

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