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Escapardenne Lee Trail - Stage 1

Escapardenne Lee Trail - Stage 1

The route starts off at Ettelbruck train station and continues to the Patton monument before climbing the small, sloped path. The path then takes you along the edge of the plateau towards Erpeldange. It crosses Erpeldange and then follows along the bottom of the Mëchelbaach valley. After this there are several exceptional sites, like the panoramic view of the Predigstuhl, Michelau village and the Gringlee viewpoint. A steep descent then takes you down to Bourscheid-Moulin, situated at the bottom of the Sauer valley.

18 km
max. 470 m
min. 196 m
721 m
-685 m


Styles : HikingIn the country
Public : SportsmenBackpackerOccasional hikersExperienced hikersLovers of thrillsAdolescents
Themes : CulturalPatrimony

Starting point

1 Place de la Gare
9044 Ettelbrück
Lat : 49.8478Lng : 6.10687
0 m
3 years
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The starting point for the ESCAPARDENNE Lee TRAIL is the train station of the town of Ettelbruck. As the name suggests, Ettelbruck has strong connections with the bridge that crosses the Alzette over the ancient "Great Way" linking Luxembourg to Liege. The latter was probably also the crossing point of an old Roman road.

Lat : 49.8486Lng : 6.10777
0 m
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Erpeldange and the Sauer

Erpeldange village is located on the floodplain of the Sauer and is closely linked. The stream has always formed an integral part of the daily life of Erpeldange's residents, imposing its constraints but at the same offering inhabitants numerous benefits. The Sauer:
• supplied the hayfields with water and nutrients;
• worked the water-mill, thus allowing the production of flour, oil and electricity (from 1921 onwards)
• provided food for the village populations, namely through salmon fishing at the foot of the mill dam.

31-33 Rue du Château 9146 Luxembourg
Lat : 49.8655Lng : 6.11156
0 m
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Erpeldange water-mill

1 Rue du Moulin 9146 Luxembourg
Lat : 49.8675Lng : 6.11162
0 m
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Fridhaff - final waste treatment plant

Despite the rather unpleasant sight and smell, it is also part of the scenery, human activity's mark on the landscape. The advantages of the waste treatment process used at Fridhaff are, on the one hand, a considerable reduction of the volume that goes in to landfill and on the other, an 80% reduction of the gas emissions given off during landfill operations.

E421 9209 Luxembourg
Lat : 49.8814Lng : 6.13303
0 m
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The "Predigstuhl" (chair) viewpoint is one of the historic tourist attractions along the North path, as evidenced by the cast-iron sign, probably made at the beginning of the 20th Century.

N27 9172 Luxembourg
Lat : 49.8954Lng : 6.11905
0 m
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Wind Turbines

Yet another new landscape element. Wind turbines are more and more present on the Ardennes plateau, proof of the transition from the oil era to that of renewable energy.

N7 9361 Luxembourg
Lat : 49.9007Lng : 6.12526
0 m
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National Road No. 7

Large, busy roads are a part of the landscape that are often seen negatively However, modern roads are also elements that structure today's landscape, in the same way that rural roads did in the past. Furthermore, these allow you to get to the countryside: the large roads take us into a region and allow us to discover its features.

N7 9378 Luxembourg
Lat : 49.903Lng : 6.12149
0 m
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Michelau – view of Bourscheid castle

On approaching Michelau village, on leaving the wood, hikers get a magnificent view of medieval Boursheid castle.

Gringleeswee 9171 Luxembourg
Lat : 49.8977Lng : 6.10038
0 m
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Michelau village

The historic village of Michelau is protected from the floods of the Upper Sauer situated on a bulge in the riverbank created by an ancient fluvial terrace through which three streams run. At the foot of the village, the Upper Sauer valley widens and gives way to vast expanses of wet meadow. This implantation is probably the origin of the name of Michelau: Au or Aue meaning floodplain or meadows surrounded by water in German.

4 Griffelslee 9171 Luxembourg
Lat : 49.8981Lng : 6.09231
0 m
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Michelau train station

From Ettelbruck, Michelau is the first train station we find on the Northern railway line (towards Troisvierges and Gouvy), inaugurated in 1867. It contributed to the development of Michelau village.

1 Op der Gare 9172 Luxembourg
Lat : 49.8968Lng : 6.09198
0 m
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The view from the top of the Gringlee opens up over one of the most beautiful stretches of the Sauer: the action of the water has deeply eroded and carved the rock.

Rue de La Sûre 9164 Luxembourg
Lat : 49.9158Lng : 6.09168
0 m

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