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00000887-M. Fasol-Commemoration The Battle of Waterloo

Trip - In the footsteps of Napoleon

Credit : M. Fasol

Relive history on a 2-day trip in the footsteps on Napoleon around the Waterloo area.

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If you want to relive the epic of Napoleon throughout Wallonia, and from the French border, do not hesitate to follow the Napoleon road.

The 94km Napoleon's Route is marked with 150 monuments, plaques and museums marking the journey of the Emperor in Belgium. From Beaumont to Waterloo, history comes alive as you follow in Napoleon's footsteps, reliving the last days before the final battle of Waterloo.

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17 km
max. 144 m
min. 110 m
0 m
0 m

Altimetric profile

Styles : DiscoveryRoadtrip
Themes : PatrimonyTourism of memory

Starting point

1815 Route du Lion
1420 Braine-l'Alleud
Lat : 50.68016Lng : 4.40582
21 d
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Schlachtfeld von Waterloo - Der Löwenhügel

Discover the site of the battle of 18th June 1815 where 300 000 men...Read more

Lat : 50.6799Lng : 4.40413
131 m
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Panorama de la Bataille de Waterloo

Discover this immense panoramic frieze (circumference 110m, height...Read more

Lat : 50.67964Lng : 4.40555
77 m
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Butte du Lion

The Lion's Mound gives a unique view of the battlefield after a memorable...Read more

Lat : 50.68316Lng : 4.3928
77 m
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Le Wellington Café

At the foot of the Lion’s Mound, Le Wellington Brasserie offers...Read more

Lat : 50.6804Lng : 4.40364
108 m
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Le Bivouac de l'Empereur

At the foot of the famous Lion’s Mound try the delicious and...Read more

Lat : 50.67977Lng : 4.40542
133 m
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Ferme d'Hougoumont

Hougoumont Farm, also known as Goumont Farm (referring to the place...Read more

Lat : 50.6742Lng : 4.39424
121 m
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Letztes Hauptquartier von Napoleon

Napoleon’s Last Headquarters is the only Napoleonic museum in...Read more

Lat : 50.64608Lng : 4.42074
135 m
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Le Côté Vert

Allow yourself to be impressed by this hotel for a 4-star stay in...Read more

Lat : 50.7195Lng : 4.39649
108 m
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This hotel is set in the golf club' historic courtyard, where calm...Read more

Lat : 50.61798Lng : 4.46745
254 m
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La Bachée

A charming and tastefully designed B&B with a split-level room,...Read more

Lat : 50.66075Lng : 4.4239
120 m
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Le Hameau du Goumont

This freshly renovated bed and breakfast for 4 people boasts 3 well-appointed...Read more

Lat : 50.63827Lng : 4.36715
144 m
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Wellington Museum

Surprises abound in the ancient headquarters of the Duke of Wellington,...Read more

Lat : 50.71775Lng : 4.39823
108 m
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L'hôpital des Anglais

On June 15th 1815, the Duke of Wellington decided to establish his...Read more

Lat : 50.68579Lng : 4.40943
108 m
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Micro brasserie de la Ferme de Mont-Saint-Jean

Having heard that Waterloo beer restored energy and valour in those...Read more

Lat : 50.6859Lng : 4.40958
108 m
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Micro-distillerie de la Ferme de Mont-Saint-Jean

A micro-distillery was set up quite recently at Mont-Saint-Jean farm....Read more

Lat : 50.68984Lng : 4.40728
120 m

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