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On the traces of the mouflon

Credit : © Régis Descamps

The mouflon was introduced for hunting in the 1950s and yet remains little-known or unknown to visitors to the Aigoual mountain range.

2.4 km
1 h 30 mn
max. 0 m
min. 0 m
66 m
-61 m

Altimetric profile

Starting point

Lat : 44.0590656Lng : 3.6052357
47 d
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/ 47 d / 0 m

What is a mouflon?

Marker 1The mouflon is a ruminant mammal related to the domestic sheep....Read more

Lat : 44.0604Lng : 3.605828
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André Chamson (1900-1983)

In his works, André Chamson constructed an imaginary Cévennes...Read more

Lat : 44.060574Lng : 3.605728
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The saga of the mouflon

Marker 2Twenty-three mouflons were introduced to this mountain range...Read more

Lat : 44.063272Lng : 3.606618
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The 4 seasons of the mouflon

Marker 3A vantage point for mouflon spotting, which is equipped with...Read more

Lat : 44.065034Lng : 3.60752
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Pic de Barette

Marker 4The Pic de Barette is a perfect viewpoint for spotting a great...Read more

Lat : 44.065759Lng : 3.607425
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Managing the species

Marker 5The Cévennes National Park is unusual for a national...Read more

Lat : 44.063283Lng : 3.604344
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Head counts

There are two methods for counting mouflons. “Relative abundance...Read more

Lat : 44.063669Lng : 3.60205
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The origins of the mouflon

Marker 6L'Abeuradou is located on a draille, a drovers' road for shepherds...Read more

Lat : 44.061812Lng : 3.601806

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Car park


Car park


“7 June 2005. Evening is falling on the Aigoual massif. The air is cooling down after this hot spring day. I'm sitting on a small rock overlooking the heath above the Taleyrac valley. I've been at my post for only a few minutes when a triangular head with two small horns emerges out of the broom a few metres away.  There can be no doubt: it's a young mouflon!”Nicolas Pagès, Fédération des chasseurs du Gard


On the D 548 and D 329 from L'Espérou via the Col de la Lusette pass, towards MandagoutOn the D 170 from Le Vigan towards Mandagout, then on the D 329 towards L'Espérou / Col de la Lusette

Advised parking

Under the pine trees on the plateau, 2 km from the Col de la Lusette pass


In February 2020, a forest fire affected the path. Please respect the trail markings.You are strongly advised to bring binoculars if you hope to spot mouflons.Horse-riding or mountain-biking are not allowed on or adapted to discovery trails.