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A weekend by bike in Brabant Hesbaye

A weekend by bike in Brabant Hesbaye

Credit : MTBW

The idea of this route is to show you what Brabant Hesbaye has to offer: its landscapes, heritage, museums... and also its hospitality!
This loop has been designed to take 2 or 3 days so you can make the most of the many sites to discover.

Prepare well for your trip:
CHOOSE YOUR STARTING POINT and begin your ride in the municipality of your choice. Below you will find a list of long-stay car parks.
Although this route is relatively easy, be prepared for some cobblestones. The cobblestones are particularly found in the municipality of Beauvechain, which is why an ALTERNATIVE ROUTE is offered. However, we recommend that you follow the main route to visit the Notre-Dame de Bon Secours chapel. There you can admire the work of Max van der Linden, a famous ceramic artist from the region.

Some sections of the route are a bit narrow for a BICYCLE TRAILER. This is true in Orp-le-Petit and Jandrain-Jandrenouille where two ALTERNATIVE ROUTES are suggested. Thanks to the ‘points of interest’ network (see box) and the two RAVeL lines that cross Brabant Hesbaye, it is POSSIBLE TO SHORTEN this trip in different places.

Car parks:
P1 JODOIGNE: Pré Pastur car park
Avenue des Déportés, 1370 Jodoigne
P2 HÉLÉCINE: Car park of the Provincial Estate
Rue Armand Dewolf, 1357 Hélécine
Place Communale, 1350 Orp-Jauche
Rue J.Hagnoul.
Place de la Gare, 1367 Ramillies
P5 PERWEZ: Sports complex car park
Rue des Marronniers 17, 1360 Perwez
P6 INCOURT: Espace Corlier car park
Chemin de la Carrière aux Pavés, 1315 Opprebais
Place communale, 1320 Beauvechain

120 km
max. 162 m
min. 47 m
985 m
-985 m

Altimetric profile


Styles : BaladeDiscovery
Public : FamilyCyclists
Themes : CulturalPatrimony

Lodgings nearby

Starting point

10 Rue sous le Château
1370 Jodoigne
Lat : 50.72369Lng : 4.86685
1 year
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Lat : 50.72132Lng : 4.8693
0 m
image utilisateur

Lat : 50.68797Lng : 4.80524
0 m
image utilisateur

Lat : 50.68222Lng : 4.78971
0 m
image utilisateur

Lat : 50.755817Lng : 4.782786
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2 Rue Armand Dewolf 1357 Hélécine
Lat : 50.746408Lng : 4.97921
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1 Place Joseph Gregoire 1350 Orp-le-Grand
Lat : 50.697491Lng : 4.98686
image utilisateur

Lat : 50.652399Lng : 4.806519