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De Bieu Fortified house

De Bieu Fortified house

Crédit : OTI Val d'Arly

The Maison De Bieu, standing on the edge of the village, is a 15th C fortified house with a distinctive square tower adjacent to the living area. Long-time home to the De Bieu family, it is Flumet’s last maintained and inhabited “château”.
The De Bieu fortified house got its name from the family who inhabited it during a long time: the De Bieu or De Bieux (de Biolli, de Biollo - coming from the word "bouleau" which means birch tree). This family was very influential in the town and command of Flumet between the 14th and the 18th century.

Situated outside the wall of the medieval town, the De Bieu house has kept its aspect and a part of its old remainings through the ages, including a square tower, a private chapel and armorial bearings carved above the entrance.

It is still inhabited but is now private.

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73590 Flumet
Lat : 45.816859Lng : 6.513259
0 m
24 j

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