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Shuttle bus

Shuttle bus
Shuttle bus


Every day except Saturday, from 12/18/2022 to 01/06/2023 inclusive and from 02/05/2023 to 03/03/2023 inclusive, a free shuttle will connect Cernix, the village of Crest- Voland and Le Paravy.
Accessible to all, pedestrians, snowshoes, sleds and skiers

Technical information

interface.consultation.poi.infos.date 29/10/2023
73590 Crest-Voland
Lat : 45.793057Lng : 6.502647
0 m

Altimetric profile

Additional information


Phone : 04 79 31 62 57

Email : info@crestvoland-cohennoz.com

Open period

From 05/02 to 03/03/2023.
Closed on Saturday.

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Office de Tourisme du Val d'Arly - 24/10/2023
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