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Village of Saint-Pons
Village of Saint-Pons
Village of Saint-Pons

Village of Saint-Pons

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It was the one of the oldest and most important fiefdoms of the Barons of Aps. Located at the foot of the Coiron, the village was fortified by the 14th century. You can imagine the form of the village by tracing the remnants of the defensive wall.
The narrow streets give to the village its character. Northwards you can observe different volcanic formations of the Coiron. Its narrow roads divide the houses and a number of them are typical, or traditional habitats.

The hamlet of the Roche Cherie found at the foot of the neck one can find the remains of a castle tower. A chapel has been constructed at the 19th century with basalt rocks. The interior columns of the church are believed to be a part of an older building. This chapel was in ruins due to the passage f time but thanks to a big restoration work.

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07580 Saint-Pons
Lat : 44.593737Lng : 4.573445
83 d

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