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The Lake of Mison
The Lake of Mison
The Lake of Mison
The Lake of Mison
The Lake of Mison

The Lake of Mison

The Lake of Mison is a sensitive departmental natural area, rich with reed bed, interesting fauna and flora and offers beautiful views of the Alpine peaks. An ideal walk for the whole family! The site is also accessible to people with disabilities.
The Lake of Mison - Upaix belongs since its creation in 1960 to the Water-Bodies Association (ASA) of the plateau de Mison for crop irrigation. Since the construction of the Serre-Ponçon dam and the Ventavon canal, this 23-hectare lake has only been used as a back-up reserve for tree-growing. Designed for agriculture, it has become a sensitive natural space.

The presence of many protected species of plants and birds, but also the importance of the lake in the landscape, makes out of this site an exceptional place for nature and environment. It is everyone’s responsibility to preserve it by taking care of it.

Technical information

04200 Mison
Lat : 44.292378Lng : 5.870987
630 m
34 d

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Open period

All year round.
The Mison Lake site is a protected Sensitive Natural Area. Passage through the reed bed, on the right bank, is prohibited during the bird nesting period (from February 1st to June 30th).

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Office de Tourisme Sisteron Buëch - 13/02/2023
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