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Linda Wolls, Raconteur de Pays

Crédit : Gérard Fillol

Linda is happy to welcome visitors to the picturesque character village of Allemans-du-Dropt which lies on the left bank of the river Dropt in this north-west corner of Lot-et-Garonne. During a stroll through the village she will share with you stories from the past. When was the village founded? Where did the founders come from? What do we know about how they lived their lives?

With Linda you will visit the 15th century market halls, the 15/16th century chateau, an ancient tower of which is classified as an Historical Monument, the pigeonnier, and the flour mill which operated alongside the river for hundreds of years, together with the hemp mill.

The village is full of surprises and some might say treasures; the most prominent of which could be said to be the treasure within the Romanesque church of Saint Eutrope which has undergone many changes over the centuries. In 1935 th

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