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Manchester's Old Stories

Manchester's Old Stories

We all know that Manchester is one of the oldest industrial city of the world. Travelers to the UK should also know this is worthy to hang around there. Not in the business/shopping central area, but in the North-East suburbs that stand right behind the Piccadilly Station. Mind the gap !

3.5 km
max. 58 m
min. 48 m
27 m
-33 m

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Point de départ

Lat : 53.4853Lng : -2.23082
0 m
7 ans
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Is It Dangerous ?

Most of the Old red Industrial buildings have actually been transformed into offices or lofts, so forget about the Dickens' scenario. Though, you can still find dirty abandoned buildings and tight workers housing streets. This is how it used to be.

Cornell Street M4 5DA Saint-antonin-noble-val
Lat : 53.4853Lng : -2.23084
0 m
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The Birth of Industry

Once called Cottonopolis, Manchester is the city where industry born. Between Cotton Street, Silk Street and many others are standing impressive waehouses and chimneys. This is where free market ideas originated, but also where Engels started to study inequalities of the working class...

51 Bengal Street M4 6JG Saint-antonin-noble-val
Lat : 53.4846Lng : -2.22661
0 m
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Urban Renaissance

Joy Division, The Smiths, New Order, Oasis, Chemical Brothers... There are hundreds of famous bands that come from Manchester, and you'll probably get a feeling of this artistic energy while walking around the Back Turner Street.

17-21 Back Turner Street M4 1FR Saint-antonin-noble-val
Lat : 53.4841Lng : -2.23744
0 m
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Captain America

Remember the movies "28 days later" and "Captain America" ? Well, this is the street where it was shot. You can still find Cassidy's Posters, and a stunning decor that appears to be as real as if you were travelling back to the 30ies. Be carefull, there might be Al Capone gangsters wandering around.

Dale Street M1 2HP Saint-antonin-noble-val
Lat : 53.4806Lng : -2.23275
0 m
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Last Pub On Earth

There are few places on Earth where we can really feel as we would have a century ago. There is such a place somewhere at the end of Ducie Street, behind the warehouses. While most of the local pubs are closing because of the economic crisis, this pub stands still. No radio music, a few greasy chairs, a faded photo of Manchester's Team, and a lot of human inner beauty.

77-79 Ducie Street M1 2JQ Saint-antonin-noble-val
Lat : 53.4809Lng : -2.22645
0 m

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