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Manoir de la Luzerne

Manoir de la Luzerne

It is now divided into two distinct parts: the manor and the farm. The manor house dated 1491 is the oldest residence in the town. During the disputes between Protestants and Catholics, the barn was used as a shelter and place of worship for Protestants. A calvary engraved on one of the pillars of the farm's entrance attests to this. This complex still includes a 16th century orangery, a circular dovecote with more than 1700 bakers, one of the most important in Normandy, and an 18th century bakery. It is classified as a historical monument.

Technical information

727 Rue du Maréchal Montgomery
14990 Bernières-sur-Mer
Lat : 49.3321002Lng : -0.4115689
2 years