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Rue Alphonse Daudet
07120 RUOMS
Balazuc : Village de caractère
Balazuc : Village de caractère
Balazuc : Village de caractère
Balazuc : Village de caractère

Balazuc : Village de caractère

The old village of Balazuc's blue stones grip the heady cliff face overlooking the river. What makes the village magical are its cobbles, steep lanes and squares surrounded by fig trees.
This "village of character", also one of the "most beautiful villages of France" is discovered on foot through its maze of shaded narrow streets.
To preserve the heart of the village, parking is available on either side of the town.
A maze of streets : The charm of the village lies partially in its narrow steep stone-paved streets discovered through the meanderings of the pedestrian. A glance upwards reveals the beautiful remains of its past history: chutes, trefoil windows, rainspouts, pointed arch doors and vaulted passageways.
- From the rue de la Tour carrée to la Calade. - From la Calade to the Trouée de la Fachinière.
Quartier du Pont : Also called the mercadio quarter or egg market, in reference to the market held since the Middle Ages outside the village walls, the bridge district features a few facades from the 15th century.
Before the construction of the bridge, a ferry was used to cross the river. On the right bank we can see the remains of the landing stage.

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07120 Balazuc
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190 m
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