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A small charming cove. It is difficult to access, being framed by three very characteristic points of this steep coast: Punta Castelo, Corveiro and Ferruseda.

Casal beach
Along this stretch of the coast, you can discover sandy beaches, like Casal beach, a long beach with fresh water, fed by the Vilarquinte stream, hidden among the rocky and strategically prominent capes where the excellent and elusive “robaliza” is caught.

Although it can be accessed, it is difficult to access this beach. This beach allows us to observe a wide diversity of both wild flowers and marine species, as well as minerals. The work of the sea has created some very unusual rocks. Islands and islets are full of legends and adopt different shapes and colours. Every hour the coast fluctuates and changes with its own magic.

The inhabitants of the place maintain that Punta Ferruxeda, Punta do Corveiro and Punta do Castelo, are the work of an old woman who transported them there in her head while spinning rock ... that they are sleeping kings with their stone armies ... that they are the dwellings of dwarves and mouros, like the one which comes out of the fountain of the Tres Alcaldes the night of San Juán, playing a golden bagpipe.

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Lat : 43.561298Lng : -8.2492807
3 years