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Collège des Barnabites



The first traces of human presence in Lescar date back to 2005 BC ('tumuli' and funeral urns).

At the beginning of our era, the Romans built a city to which they gave the name of the conquered tribe: Beneharnum.

The Gallo-Roman city became the first capital of Bearn and then a bishopric from the 6th century.

It took the name of Lescar around the year 1000. Located on the Way of Saint James, the walled city retained its status of bishopric until the Revolution.

Notre Dame Cathedral, a masterpiece of Romanesque art (12th century) with the mysterious mosaic of the 'little Moorish hunter' and the tomb of the Kings of Navarre.

The ramparts (12th century), the prison tower (14th), the postern (14th), the college of the Canons (17th).

All of the historic furnishings are presented in the Art and Culture Space.

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