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Bastide de Nay

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It is halfway between Pau and Lourdes. Founded in 1302 by Marguerite de Moncada (Viscountess of Béarn) it has the architecture of the walled towns: central square lined with arcades, a hall, harmonious urban planning, fortifications from the 15th century, a wall and ramparts. This town has always played a commercial role (linen and wool textile crafts). In the 16th century ("century of merchants"), Nay experienced a period of great prosperity: many craftsmen worked there (weavers, dyers, embroiderers and tailors). In the 19th century, the presence of channels motivated the establishment of mills. Today, the beret remains a symbol of this industry.

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Maison Carrée Place de la république
64800 NAY
Lat : 43.1798267Lng : -0.2625305
0 m

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  • From 01/01/2023 to 31/12/2023

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Date de début : 01/01/2023 00:00:00
Date de fin : 31/12/2023 00:00:00


Fixed telephone : +33 5 59 13 99 65
Maison Carrée
Web site (URL) : www.maison-carree-nay.fr
Maison Carrée
e-mail : tourisme@paysdenay.fr

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Fortified town


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Conditions de visite : Unaccompanied tours
Conditions de visite : Guided tour by appointment only
Durée moyenne de la visite de groupe : 90
Durée moyenne de la visite individuelle : 90


Prix : Group price
Prix : 2€
Prix : 0€

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Office de Tourisme Communautaire du Pays de Nay
Email : tourisme@paysdenay.fr
Site web : tourisme-bearn-paysdenay.com/fr/
Adresse : Place du 08 Mai 1945, 64800, NAY

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