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Sturdy ramparts, brooding towers, great gates and belfries… Langres, high on its promontory, holds impressive sway over the entry to the Champagne and Burgundy regions.

Langres people call the narrow passages of their city the ‘passages de hallebardiers’, named for that impressive medieval war weapon, the halbard. It’s a fascinating visit through these winding, narrow streets to covered passages holding the secrets of Langres city history.

The 3.5 km circular trail around the walled city has thankfully been preserved through the centuries and forms an exceptional walk, taking in the wide open plains of the surrounding countryside.

Below the ramparts, a country walk leads to the vital natural source waters of fountains and the historic communal washing pools.

And the views…to the east, the view unfolds to Lake Liez and the Marne Valley until it reaches the Vosges and sometimes, on a clear day, as far as the Bernese Alps. To the west, beyond the lush green Bonnelle

Valley, the great limestone Langres Plateau spreads before the eyes its breathtaking scenery of dense forested hills.

The Guide-Man system is the ideal way to discover the town at your own pace. The guide offers a commentary covering the inside and outside more than 60 of the town’s principal sites.

A unique way of exploring Langres, the Guide-Man audio guide is available in several languages (F, GB, DE, NL and I) and is yours to use for the entire day. The themed ‘Diderot and Langres’ tour is available on request.

The Grimoire Magique (Guide-Man children’s version) is a fun way to discover the town through a magical text tour. For children from 8 to 12 years.

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52200 Langres
Lat : 47.86683Lng : 5.334297
2 years

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