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The fountains' path

The fountains' path

Credit : OT CEVA

Going down the steps you arrive in a valley away from the main road.
In Chateaubriand's time, these houses were the only ones in the hamlet. Nazareth district was an artisans' district.
The façades gave out on the street; the shop was held at the ground floor (the old shop windows can be made out on the façades) and the people lived on the first floor. At the back was a back-shop, a work-shop, sometimes an oven, a garden for the food missing and at the bottom of the valley, water, the essential element to every and any activity.
"My grand-mother lived in the only street of the hamlet de l'Abbaye, a pretty small house of which the gardens went down in terraces to a valley and at the end of which a small fountain, surrounded by willow trees, could be found. (extract from Memories of my Life)

Technical information

45 Rue de l'Abbaye
22130 Saint-Lormel
Lat : 48.5203Lng : -2.22761
0 m
6 years