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Inside Nazareth Church

Inside Nazareth Church

Credit : La Plancoëtine

Once inside, you find a richly decorated choir as it was fashionable in the 18th century.
The altar on the right is consecrated to the Virgin Mary, you will see there the 14th or 15th century cross (extracted from the fountain).
The pilgrimages take place on August 15th for the Assumption and on Septembre 8th for the Nativity of the Virgin.
Chateaubriand quotes this sailors' canticle he heard in a shipwreck on the way back from America.
" I place my trust
Virgin, into your help;
Be my defence,
Take care of my days.
And when my last hour
comes to end my fate,
Allow me to die
From the saintest of death."
(extract from Memories of my Life)
Barely born, the young Chateaubriand is brought here. "The first nanny I was given ended up being sterile. It wasn't noticed at first. I felt dying. My odd destiny persisted keeping me alive; a poor woman, friend to my nanny and newly delivered, took me to her breast with her newborn. Believing I was to die, she vowed me to the patron of the hamlet or Our Lady of Nazareth, and promised if I pulled through, that I would wear blue and white until I turned seven in honour of the Holy Virgin. My mother agreed to her vow. I was saved." (Extract from Memories of my Life)
Seven years later, he was brought back to Plancoët to be lifted from this initial vow. An ex-voto recalls this event.
"The 4th of October of the year [1775] ... I went from my grand-mother with my mother, my aunt de Boistilleul, my uncle de Bedée and his children, my nanny and my foster-brother to be lifted from my nanny's vow to Our Lady of Nazareth. I had a brand new white outfit, with a blue silk scarf, shoes, white gloves and hat. It was the first time in my life I was properly dressed. The church was next to the path and was surrounded by great elm trees. The village of Plancoët and those of the area came running to this ceremony."

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