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Donjon et château de La Haye

Donjon et château de La Haye

Symbol of the city, it is one of the most ancient keeps in La Manche (11th century). It is what remains of a fortified castle (and its moats) that used to overlook the area.
Good to know : the keep is now closed on the grounds of current Health and Safety Regulations. On site, a sign guides you in the discovery of the keep.

At the beginning of the 16the century, Arthur de Magneville, Lord of La Haye du Puits, transforms the buildings furtherdown the castle into a more comfortable and modern one. Do not miss the gorgeous Renaissance door, witness of that time.
Good to know : these buildings are now private, but the architecture elements can be seen from the street.

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Lat : 49.2934287Lng : -1.5445695
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