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Rangées Jaguines (Jaguine Rows)

Rangées Jaguines (Jaguine Rows)

The Grande Rue (Main Street) was the only road named rue for a long time, the other ones were paths or roads. On this main artery, rare houses only show their fronts. On the right and on the left, "rows" of houses are in line.
The row is the base of social life in this maritime village. Families live next to each other in solidarity. The houses are adjoining for their inhabitants to face cold better. The fronts are facing the south, and there are few windows north to bring light. Therefore, the Main Street is made of a line of houses' sides of which the walls were, in olden days, almost blind. The "aires" (frontyards), facing the south, were used for every task regarding fishing. Stone basins are used for the preparation of "affare"; bait for mackerel made of shells and shrimps. It's also where fishing tools are made or prepared: nets, catching cages, baskets. Some walls contain animal bones in their apparatus. Stronger than wood and rust proof, they were used to hang fishnets to dry.

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53-65 Grande Rue
22750 Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer
Lat : 48.5962Lng : -2.19014
0 m
4 years

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