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Do you know where the Stone is, which is said to cure many ailments? It is located at Bourg de Batz, rue de Gaulle, in the wall of a house between numbers 22 and 24 going towards the station. It is a cross cut in a menhir and embedded in the facade by a niche designed by the architect.

The inhabitants of the Bourg de Batz gave it the name of Cross of Sorrows and attributed to it exceptional properties. It cured many ailments and, more particularly, rheumatism. The rheumatics of the country came many, they treated themselves by rubbing against this stone miraculous time to recite a Pater and Ave.

According to another local belief, family quarrels acted on this stone. When the parents of the Bourg had quarreled, even for a futile pretext, the humidity appeared more important than elsewhere. The stone seemed to cry!
It is still said today that some rheumatisers would come, before sunrise, seek an appeasement to their pain.

Let's hope that the beneficent properties of this ancient cross still exist. If you suffer from pain, why not try?

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22 Rue de Gaulle
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