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MUSEE C'ETAIT HIER "1850-1920"

MUSEE C'ETAIT HIER "1850-1920"

Museum of Yesteryear
A nostalgic nod to our Haute-Marne past. In 1900, the housewife made gloves, whilst her husband produced the village speciality, fine steel scissors. A showcase displays rare models. Also on view: their barn and on one floor, a classroom.

One area is dedicated to the glove-making art, a traditional craft in Chaumont and the surrounding area. One window relates the Jules Tréfousse glove-making story which, at the height of its glory, employed 6,000 people in Haute-Marne.

Sewing items developed particularly for use in the glove-making industry are on show, with several models also on display. One of the gloves was tracked down in the United States with the help of internet!

New: unique in Haute-Marne, the working model of a scissor grinder’s wheel, formerly powered by a dog.

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24 rue de Bourgogne
52800 Mandres-la-Côte
Lat : 48.0610591Lng : 5.3338333
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