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Eglise des Dominicains

Eglise des Dominicains

Credit : Droits gérés

The roof and bell-tower were destroyed in the fire that destroyed almost entirely the whole convent, in the night of 10 May 1886. The works of art that adorn the interior are fortunately intact.

During the restoration, the tower surmounting the facade was replaced by a bell tower, up to the choir, to the right of the building. 
One of the most famous monks was the revinois Charles René Billuard. we can admire the statue of this monk inside the church.

The church is a listed buiding (October 18th, 1926)(Register of the listed buildings)
Inside: Listed pulpit in September 30th, 1911 - Two listed confessionals in July 31th, 1970.

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Rue Galilée
08500 Revin
Lat : 49.94371Lng : 4.635201
0 m
350 d

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