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The ice (class) site of the refuge is exceptional and despite its withdrawal well apparent the Evettes glacier remains nearby.

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Sleeping Overview

With quilts sanitary dormitories inside, 2 dry Toilets, 1 private sinks... all in a room with bright colors!
The refuge water is pumped into the Lake then filtered by a UV filter, as we ask you to save this precious commodity.

Winter hut equipment

A woodstove with a wood reserve is located inside or under the last two South side windows, there are a few pans, bowls and pans, cutlery and plates, glasses and bowls for cooking: everything that is necessary for 20 people.
BEWARE there is no gas, as a result of the new fire safety standards, there is not any gas stove.
For water, either melt the snow using the large bowls or go down to the lake located 80 m below the hut. We left the cans in the entry lock.
The WC are operating inside, however all your waste and garbage are back down into the Valley.
Please respect the refuge while leaving it as clean as possible and paying 9 euro in the trunk of the refuge. (check to the order of the alpine club of Lyon or cash in envelopes at disposal).

Activities around

FAMILY: An easy hike of reassuring pastures, an accessible glacier, the refuge of the Evettes is spoiled by nature. Kids will love splashing around in the pools to tadpoles, which are numerous around the refuge while parents lounge at the edge of the Lakes of the largest Pareis will go walking at the foot of the glacier of the Evettes (1 h 30) or of the glacier of the Grand Mean (2 h 30) to ad Candle close seracs and crevasses.
During your stay the families côtoieront mountaineers bound for Albaron (3637 m) or the Ciamarella (3676 m) cause cravings and can be new passions.
IDEAS of excursions:-> Lake of the Evettes (D + 100 m, 2539 m, easy, 2 h) walk on the morainic cords with glacial Lake with silvery colors-> Lakes of the Pareis (D + 50 m, 2560 m, very easy, 1 h) walk around 3 small lakes varied fauna and flora profu do, calm and mountain atmosphere.
-> Small Roman bridge (D + 90 m, 2500 m, very easy, 40 min) - view on the cascade of Reculaz, descent in terms of the Evettes-> rock of the Pareis (D + 60 m, 2641 m, 40 min) very easy - perfect after dinner to see the sunset on the summits of the Vanoise , but also to observe chamois and ibex-> Lake of the big Mean (D + 466 m, 2876 m, average 3 h 30-4 h) - very nice output to observe one of the surprises of the warming atmosphere high mountain-> Kass du Midi (D + 500 m, 3042 m, supported 3:30 to 4: 00 ) - A beautiful 3000 with a panoramic view breathtaking mountaineering: Albaron - large and small Ciamarella - tip Francesetti - peak mountain SKI Regaud: Albaron tip Tonini - saddle of Albaron - tip Francesetti. Carro, Evettes, Avérole liaison

Opening dates informations and guarded period

March 17-21 May and from June 16 to September 16

Booking E-mail

long description

The same location, on a large mound and a lake is full of amenities.

Nearest car parks

Parking spring, was: the reckoning, Hamlet located approximately 4 km. In the spring, inquire about the feasibility of the road.
Parking Bonneval Tralenta winter at the end of the village.

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