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Avenue de Paris, Centre d'Affaires le Phénix
50000 SAINT-LO
02 33 05 98 70
Hôtel France et Fuchsias

Hôtel France et Fuchsias

Close to the bay of St-Vaast and the charming islet of Tatihou there used to be a postal station, a stopping-point for stagecoaches and carriages. Today it is covered in fuschias, shelters a wonderful garden of eucalyptus and banana trees, and welcomes you with great panache. Here a Jouy painting, there a Norman-style wardrobe and a ship's figurehead …. and cooking acclaimed by connoisseurs.

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Lat : 49.5868793Lng : -1.2669316
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20 d

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Telephone : 02 33 54 40 41


CDT Manche

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