Scéno-béton by DG Bâtiment

Scéno-béton by DG Bâtiment
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Raw and delicate, soft and strong at the same time, polished concrete and all its contradictions make their way into our homes. Laurence and Arnaud Dupont fell in love with this material in 2005. In charge of DG Batiment, a building renovation business, they decided to expand into this new area and design polished concrete decorative items and furniture (decorative cement finish) and high performance concrete.
They have been welcoming you to their shop located at the foot of Saint Jean Tower in Verneuil-sur-Avre since 2011. Just like a true artist, Arnaud skilfully and creatively uses the concrete. He creates various objects such as trays, small bowls, frames, vases, canvasses, chopping boards as well as furniture (console tables, cubes, window boxes, etc.). Carefully handling pigments and technics, he shapes, adds colour and gives relief to the material. He will know, for instance, how to give a polished concrete item the appearance of wood or leather. Attentive to your needs, the couple also provides custom-made creations (you can choose the size, material, colour, finish, etc.).
In terms of structural work, concrete adds a touch of originality to bedrooms and bathrooms. It can be used for walls, kitchen worktops or bathroom countertops. This type of concrete looks also good outside. Polished concrete is sustainable. It is protected by layers of seal against all sorts of scratches and they also help with the cleaning. It avoids seeing joints and is easily cleaned with soapy water.
Products for sale: small bowls, bowls, paper towel holder, photo frames, coasters, trays, clocks, boards.
And other products from partners: works of art based on the original works of the artist Ixia, reusable facial rounds by Marraine la Fée.

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